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I love Fan Art - it's as simple as that. There is something so joyous about the more often than not, fearless tinkering of our most beloved characters and franchises, that it just brings a smile to my wee (frustratingly hairless) face.

One of my favorite fan artists goes by the name of Butcher Billy - he's a badass, cigar wielding, superhero loving, controversial, Brazilian genius who creates some of the most eye catching and authentic looking mash-ups I've ever seen.

Every Friday we want to highlight the work of our favorite fan-artists, and we'd LOVE for you to get involved! Post your favorite fan art on Moviepilot as an article, and the coolest one will WIN an awesome prize from our collection! Remember to credit the artist, and try to stick to a theme.

Here's some of what you could win!
Here's some of what you could win!

Let's get started! Here are five of my favorite Butcher Billy pieces:

1. A Clockwork Orange/ The Joker

Anyone who has ever seen A Clockwork Orange will know that this mashup of Alex and The Joker is a match made in heaven. Both absolute nutcases!

2. Trainspotting / Aquaman

Ahh, makes me proud to be Scottish! This takes the indescribably gruesome toilet scene in Trainspotting to a whole new level. King of Atlantis becomes - King of the U-Bend...I know which one I'd rather be.

3. The Smiths / The Hulk

If the famously cantankerous Morrissey was indeed exposed to those pesky gamma rays, I think we would have one of the most formidable Hulks ever. On the plus side though, whoever makes those fetching purple pants would be well kept in business!

4. The Cure / Nightcrawler

Very fitting this one - Robert Smith as Nightcrawler! Now every time the sun rises ol' Robby can teleport himself directly into the darkness. Not sure having only 3 fingers would be good for playing guitar however.

5. American Psycho / Batman

Last but not least, this mashup of Patrick Bateman (Patrick Batman!) and The Dark Knight would definitely put an end to the Caped Crusader's "No Kill Rule."

If you want to check out more of Butcher Billy's awesome work, head to his Behance Page here!

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