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People please get your mind out of the gutter. I was referring to my love for Horror Films. I'm 27 years of age, and where I lived in NYC during the 90's was much like a horror film itself. I've with Grandmother and Aunt, and they fought seriously almost ever day. When they weren't fighting they shared something together that actually help mold the person I am told. They loved movies. The first horror I have EVER seen was Jaws. I remember it like was yesterday, I was 7 years old. It was a Saturday and they were watching it on VHS. I came in the room slowly tip-toeing to my Grandmothers bed. She looked to the side and said " Boy! If you don't get yo little ass outta here! I'm gonna tear you up! ". My Aunt Jackie chimed in " No mama let the boy stay ..It's only a movie". So I climbed into the bed, sat in between my Grandmother and Aunt, the movie began. I remember sitting very quietly when the film started, I saw kids on the beach singing around a bonfire. I was girl and boy who I knew were drunk at time run off towards the water. The poor dude was so wasted He didn't make, the girl did. You're young, you see a hot girl go in the water and of course I wanted to see boobs but that wasn't going to prepare me for what was about to happen. She's in the water having a gay old time, looking for her boyfriend or friend whatever the case was, something tickled her feet. I'm sitting the bed at the point bitting the crap out of my nails, even I know it was over for her. She gets pulled underwater swiftly, I mean like real quick. Before I knew it poor thing was getting ragged in the water like one of those long foam tube that kids play with at the pool. She was screaming and yelling completely pleading for a sign of God to show up. Then got pulled underwater again, this time not returning. This moment actually marks the first time of something else, this was the first time my grandmother really whooped my ass, I was so scared that I peed in her bed. I couldn't move. I watched the rest of the movie with tears and my eyes. All the things I love about the movie scared me half to death, the music, the suspense how tight people khakis were back in the 70's, everything! The week went by, I was too afraid to take a bath. Jaws had totally changed the dynamics of my life. As scared as I was, I wanted to see more. I wanted to see what this horror film genre had to offer. I was in for a surprise and many sleepless nights. I grew up started writing stories, went to film school learned how to write screenplays. Here we are, all these years later as I write this article about how the first horror I ever seen changed by life, many years later changed it for the better. I probably would be sitting in some cubicle right now hating my life if i didn't go into my Grandmothers room that night. I just want to thank Steven Spielberg for changing my life. I know for a fact, that when I write my horror film epic..I'm going to change the life of someone too.

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