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After season 4's Suits finale featured a heartmelting proposal and a heartbreaking profession of love, Suits will return in Summer this year for season 5 - and fans can expect even more drama!

Harvey's Brother Will Return

Harvey Specter and his brother Marcus
Harvey Specter and his brother Marcus

According to Gabriel Macht, who plays everyone's favorite 'suit' Harvey Specter, the series creator, Aaron Kosh, is keen to make things a bit more personal in season 5.

While trying to deal with his feelings about Donna having chosen to leave him for Louis, Harvey will turn to his brother Marcus (played by General Hospital's Billy Miller) for support.

In the season 4 finale we learned that Marcus is a happily-married family man that has overcome his earlier addiction and is now a successful restauranteur. He seems like the perfect shoulder for Harvey to cry on - or at least get a drink with while Mike is off busily planning his nuptials!

Harvey Will Seek Help

Poor Harvey got dumped
Poor Harvey got dumped

Harvey's mother cheated on his father and he has always been able to get any woman he wants, so his commitment phobic nature is to be expected. But, finally, Harvey is going to tackle his relationship troubles head on.

It has been reported that in season 5 Harvey will be off to a counselor to discuss the loss of Donna and his feelings about Mike and Rachel tying the knot.

Although reports are vague as to the role of the counselor, she will in her late 30s to early 60s and should help Harvey improve his chances of getting Donna back.

Mike Ross vs Robert Zane

Wendell Pierce will return for season 5 of Suits
Wendell Pierce will return for season 5 of Suits

[The Odd Couple](series:1202288) star Wendell Pierce will be back in season 5 as tough attorney Robert Zane, with a legal case that could rip Rachel and Mike apart.

With season 4 ending on a high-note for the couple, it appears Rachel's Dad could be about to cause trouble in paradise.

We know Mike got Daddy Zane's permission to ask for Rachel's hand, but that doesn't mean he is going to make things easy for the pair. When Robert Zane has a case to fight, no personal emotions are going to stop him from winning at all costs.

Rachel and Mike On the Rocks

Rachel and Mike no longer a happy couple?
Rachel and Mike no longer a happy couple?

Even without Rachel's Dad making life more complicated, Suits creator Aaron Korsh has suggested that the wedding will cause problems for Mike and Rachel.

He said fans should not expect a stress-free "season of wedding planning" in season 6 and suggested that the wedding planning will "bring up issues in their relationship".

After the beautiful proposal in the season 4 finale, fans may be disappointed to hear that things won't run smoothly for Rachel and Mike, but perhaps what doesn't kill them will make them stronger and then the wedding, if it ever happens, will be even better.

Here is the Season 5 trailer. It doesn't give much away though....

What do you want to see in [Suits](series:722536) season 5? Do you want to see Rachel and Mike get married? Do you hope Harvey and Donna get together?


Which Suits couple is better suited for a happy ending?


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