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the first top 5 dylan o'brien, logan lerman, freddie highmore, brenton thwaites, and anton yelchin are great choices. and now part 2 of top 5 actors for the mcu spiderman.

5. thomas broddie sangster

he was in the maze runner and game of thrones

4. nat wolff

he is going to be in the upcoming movie paper towns. he has the looks of a 15 or 16 year old high schooler and marvel confirmed that peter parker is going back to high school. nat wolff is 20 years old and has the acting chops. he would be perfect for the mcu's spiderman.

3. thomas mann

thomas mann has experience with playing socially awkward/social outcast teenager in the hit comedy project x and fun size, he has experience with comedy and he would be excellent for the role of peter parker and spider-man. marvel i think thomas mann is the right guy for the job.

2. ansel elgort

he would do a good job as spiderman and peter parker.

1. josh hutcherson

my favorite and maybe a fan favorite out of everybody on this list josh hutcherson is a good actor has experience with action and romance in the hunger games and also wants to play spiderman and has auditioned before he could it off.


vote on out of everybody on this top 5 who is your favorite


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