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If you are unaware there is currently a challenge going around Movie Pilot of recasting the Avengers.So here are my choices for who could replace this almost perfect cast.By the way i'm trying to go for acting chops and personality (mostly because actors can shape up for a movie)So please enjoy!

Firstly I would replace Chris Evans with another Chris,Chris Pratt. Now I know he's Star-Lord (who?) but I think he could pull off Cap great.He has the heart,the Humor,the build and him and Chris are pretty good buddies.He's pretty much Captain america in space in Guardians of the Galaxy so,why not?

Next is the recast of the Hulk/Bruce Banner.This is honestly a hard choice,I really like Mark as Bruce and I can totally buy that he would break out in to a huge green rage monster.However there is somebody who I think can take over for him

Yes,Zachary Levi.He may seem a bit young but he could totally pull off Bruce Banner.He's already played a quiet nerdy type in Chuck,also he can do confidence as we can see in Thor : The dark world (Fandral) And he will be appearing in the Reboot for Heroes.

Recasting Black Widow was difficult,but I looked for someone who I know can do action,but also has the ability to act like a rouge so I picked...

Emily Blunt!If you are one of the few people that saw Edge of tomorrow in theaters then you know why I chose Emily.She pulled off a badass Female "Lead"? in Edge Of Tomorrow,and did a great job in 2012's Looper So I think this is right up her alley.That being said I also don't know how well she could pull of Red hair

This is the Hardest recast out of the avengers,I mean he IS Iron man.However I cant just skip it,So who do I think can outcast Robert? (Even though its impossible)

Again a little young,But I think Franco would be a great fit.He has the looks and the Cocky attitude of Tony stark.And he has shown great acting chops in 127 hours.Hes also semi familiar with Comic book movies (Harry Orborn) so he knows whats up.Although no matter what I dont think anyone can unsee Iron man as Robert Downey Jr.

Thor! one of my favorite avengers,And once again not easy to recast! I actually think this is the only recast im not 100% sure with.Mainly because If you think of anyone in a Norse god outfit they look pretty weird,But ill give him a shot.

Josh Holloway,You may know him for lost,or perhaps the cameo in Mission Impossible :Ghost Protocol.But this guy can play either a giant jerk,or a man with a damaged past,Or both like seen in lost.But I think he knows how to have fun best but can be brutal if needed ,Similar to Thor.

So my next two haven't actually been shown on screen,Witch makes this decision difficult.But For Quicksilver I looked for someone to share their look,because i'm not to familiar with the character on page.

Tom Felton,Also known as Draco Malfoy.I haven't watched much Harry Potter but from the clips of him in it Ive seen hes pretty talented.He also has that trademark white/blonde look that quicksilver has so theres something going for him.But once again i'm not Familiar with either of the twins so this is going off looks

Elizabeth Olsen is cast to play Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron.Like I said,Not familiar so going off looks for this recast

I think that from the pictures of Scarlet witch I've seen,Rachel looks the most like the design of the character.Rachel does primarily romantic/Comedy roles Such a Mean Girls,Midnight in Paris,The notebook.But she also has starred in The Sherlock Holmes movies.But I feel she could pull off a blockbuster movie.

Hawkeye,Probably your least favorite avenger,Played by Jeremy Renner,who in all fairness does pretty well.Hes pretty likable but also pretty Cocky at times.

Bradley Cooper could pull off Hawkeye really well.Hes got some great acting chops at being both a Jerk as seen in Wedding Crashers, and serious roles in movies like American Sniper and Limitless.Hes also familiar with Chris Pratt In Guardians of the Galaxy.

So there it is,My recasting of a pretty perfect cast,Lets just be happy we can have some of the best actors and actresses representing our favorite superheroes.Avengers Age of Ultron opens may 1st,so don't miss it!


Would this cast work in a avengers movie?


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