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Lets face it, when it comes to casting its tough to beat the genius of the Marvel studios. I mean look at the pic above even out of costume these guys look great, the chemistry is simply mind-blowing.

But lets look to the future, their contracts will end they will want to move on themselves. Then what? Kevin Feige himself has said on many occasions that he wants to treat the MCU like the 'Bond Universe, rebooted and re-imagined but enduring. This might sound unfathomable to some of us and the love in that pic up there and the pure awesomeness in the pic down below makes it even harder

Can't wait till May :D
Can't wait till May :D

All that said; down below is my recast for an Avengers reboot or If I may the next Evolution of the Marvel universe. If you look at whats happening in the Marvel Comics Universe then you can see that many things have changed and while I've given suggestions for the recasting of the present iterations of the Avengers I've also gone ahead and made some creative suggestions keeping the Marvel comics universe in mind.

Black Widow - Katheryn Winnick

Lets look at her Black Widow Checklist:

1. Martial arts skills and good for all sorts of action - check

2. Proven tough girl - check (go see vikings)

3. Seductive/ lethal - OH totally (she is sexy as hell and can definitely kill you with that stare ;)

Plus: she has already shown her interest in working with Marvel. With there being no sure shot news of her playing Captain Marvel and all that being just speculation I say make her the next Black Widow.

Captain America: Scott Eastwood

Look at the guy he'd be perfect for the role and he's coming up in Hollywood making a name for himself. Its pretty hard to live up to the Eastwood name. The man is doing it. He has the acting chops for it, the looks for it, and he can bring that age old Eastwood charm to the age old role of Steve Rodgers.

If not then Here's my second choice and with that I am about to divert to suggest a different path for the Marvel universe. As i said earlier, recently the comic book universe has had some new developments and with that came the dawn of the de-powered Steve Rodgers. And for that role my casting choice is.....drum role!

Steve Rogers (de-powered): Clint Eastwood

Are you feeling lucky punk!
Are you feeling lucky punk!

YEAH YEAH! its another Eastwood! There I admit it but this is the man for the job. If you look at the present iteration of the Cap in the comics he is old and he's receded back in to the top chair at S.H.I.E.L.D. Also he is more ruthless than ever. shooting first and taking names. Cause he is pissed at what the illuminate have done to him

If anyone can pull of the next evolution of the good captain its that guy. My other choice would have been Robert Redford but now I'm shit scared of the man.

Look at the image below and just imagine Eastwood senior in that role.

Are you feeling luck punk!
Are you feeling luck punk!

Thor- Emily Blunt

I'm not even going for second choices or other options on this one. I want to see the female Thor and I want to see it more because of the change in the Thor-Loki dynamic it will bring. I mean just imagine the dialogue potential there. This could be hilarious and even quite emotional. I have another suggestion below to make things even more interesting.

I believe 100% that my casting choice for this one is sound. She has proven her action chops in Edege of Tomorrow, and i want to see more of that Emily Blunt. The difference is this time, instead of an exo-suite and a giant sword she brings a hammer and thunder to kick some butt. Her ability as an actor is the second thing I'm counting on and that is because of the direction I want Loki to take in his second coming as the Trickster God.

Young Loki: Freddie Highmore

I have an army of G.I Joe toys
I have an army of G.I Joe toys

With Blunt as Thor and Highmore as Teen Loki, the relationship that was the catalyst for the Avengers in 2012 is reinvented. Lady Thor will see the world in a new angle and she will see her brother's plight in a different light. The interesting thing will be that Teen Loki can be just as deceiving as he was before. What with no hormonal changes to change him and all. If anything his take on Norman Bates in Bates Motel has proven he's the man for the Job.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner 2.0: Michael Keaton and Colin Firth

Now if we're going down the whole 'Avengers who used to inherit the earth and now realizing they messed things up' path. Then I would suggest a more mature Tony Stark and a more mature Bruce Banner. Their chemistry with the aged Rogers who hates them with a vengeance will steal the show. For that who better than these talents. With Michael Keaton in his next outing as a Billionaire Playboy, Philanthropist superhero and Colin Firth bringing that calm British demeanor to a troubled Banner it will be a historic match up if you throw Eastwood Sr. in to the mix as well.

Oops did I just Blow up another world
Oops did I just Blow up another world

And if Keaton is playing it then he has to play the post Axis - 'Superior Iron Man'.

It's all your fault Stark You just made me angry
It's all your fault Stark You just made me angry

As for firth the man has shown some seriously cool action skills in his most recent King's men the Secret Service. I would like to see the senior Bruce Banner as well as the Hulk or if I dare say Doc Green Played by this man. Imagine a genius Hulk with the gentlemen suave of Firth. The fun of it is off the charts.

Hulk Smash puny Stark then go for high tea
Hulk Smash puny Stark then go for high tea

If not and if Marvel is looking for a younger cast to carry on the torch for longer then here's my next option.

Tony Stark: Joseph Gordon Lewitt

That 'Arrogant Stark' smirk
That 'Arrogant Stark' smirk

He can pull it off. He's one of the actors besides Rober Downey Jr. I will trust to bring Tony Stark to life successfully. This man can and will give us a Tony Stark that we have not yet seen before.

I still think Colin Firth should play Banner even if we get a younger Stark their chemistry as the older more mature genius who failed and created a monstrosity and the younger more arrogant one walking down the same path can lead to very compelling story telling.


If we are again looking at a younger cast that can look ahead to a long future then

Bruce Banner/ Hulk: Eddie Redmayne

from astrophysics to Monster making
from astrophysics to Monster making

He is a very talented young actor with a the very recent Oscar for Best Actor in his belt. Bruce Banner is a challenging enough role for this man and I would love to see his take on the role of Banner and his troubled alter ego The Big Green Behemoth. I don't wont to speculate too much just want to see what this man can do with one of my all time favorite Marvel characters.

Hawkeye: Ryan Goslin

I wanna see a smart mouth, soft spoken yet mysterious Hawkeye. Goslin can bring all that to the character. If in doubt go watch Drive. Its about time this man stepped in to a big hollywood summer blockbuster. What better way to do so than play Hawkeye and move on to a solo Hawkeye movie.

He can totally rock this role maybe better than Jeremy Renner not that I am saying he's done a bad job. But we are yet to see the full extent of Renners Haweye. I am yet to see Renner bring that smart mouth that Haweye sometimes has. Being one of the few non super powered individuals in the team he relies on charm and wit and Goslin can play a character with both without loosing his cool demeanor.

Nick Fury: Idris Elba

Yeah yeah he's Heimdall I know. Before you throw your hands in the air and walk away or close this tab hear me out. but before that look at this.

Remember that! This man is massively under utilized under that giant Gold Helmet and those copper colored contact lenses. This man is meant to lead the world's mightiest super team and to inspire them. If anyone is gonna take over from the legendary performance of Sam L Jackson I want it to be him.

Avengers- go cancel the Apocalypse
Avengers- go cancel the Apocalypse

Finally Maria Hill: Stana Katic

And there you have it folks that's my recasting for the Avengers. Mind you I didn't attempt to recast most of the very recent additions to the cinematic universe. Mainly because they have a log way to go and we are yet to see what those characters are like in the MCU. Hope you enjoyed the write up as much as I enjoyed the research.


Let me know below which choice you liked the most


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