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These Are the results for the Ultimate Superhero Team contest: Sorry this is posted early

The Strategist

Competitors: Batman, Nick Fury, Iron Man, and Amanda Waller

Winner: Batman

We all knew this was going to happen

The Armory

Competitors: Iron Man, Cyborg

Winner: Iron Man

Another thing that was destined to happen

The Golden Boy

Competitors: Superman, Captain America, and Shazam

Winner: Captain America

Personally, I thought the character sometimes referred to as the Boy Scout would win (Superman), but it was Cap. One little snap of Zod's neck changes everything, huh.

The Archer

Competitors: Hawkeye, Green Lantern

Winner: Green Arrow

Turns out I was the deciding vote, I chose Green Arrow over Hawkeye just because he has a bigger fanbase because of Arrow


The Muscle

Competitors: Captain Atom, Hulk

Winner: Hulk

I only added Captain Atom because I failed to find a DC equivalent of the Hulk. I was quite surprised he got two votes

Smash Smash all of those robots and all the aliens
Smash Smash all of those robots and all the aliens

The Shrinking Scientist

Competitors: The Atom, Ant-Man

Winner: Ant-Man

I expected this to be way closer

The Sub-Mariner

Competitors: Aquaman, Namor

Winner: Aquaman

Expected this to be closer too. Namor is a badass in some of the new Avengers/Secret Wars comics I have read

The Winged Hero

Competitors: Falcon, Hawkman

Winner: Falcon

I thought so. HE is currently Cap in the comics, and I LOVE the series

The Speedster

Competitors: Quicksilver, The Flash

Winner: The Flash

Yeah. I knew this would happen.

Zoom Zoom
Zoom Zoom

The Wondrous Woman

Competitors: Wonder Woman, Wasp, Captain Marvel, Blsck Widow

Winner: Captain Marvel

Finally, a Cinderella team! For a category named after Wonder Woman, I am super surprised Captain Marvel won. But she is awesome, so I can't say I disagree.

I'd rather have Emily Blunt, but Sackhoff is cool
I'd rather have Emily Blunt, but Sackhoff is cool

The Animal

Competitors: Wolverine, Vixen

Winner: Wolverine

A shutout!

The Android

Competitors: The Vision, Red Tornato

Winner: The Vision

I expected this one to be closer

The Hotshot

Competitors: Iron Man, Hal Jordan, Human Torch

Winner: Three Way Tie, but Iron Man and Human Torch already won a category, so the winner is Hal Jordan

The Fireman

Competitors: Firestorm, Human Torch, Human Torch (1940's version)

Winner: Human Torch

I thought it would be Firestorm

The Witch

Competitors: Scarlet Witch, Zatanna

Winner: Scarlet Witch

I thought so

The Wizard (Doctor)

Competitors: Dr. Fate, Doctor Strange

Winner: Doctor Strange

A strange turn of events (ha ha bad pun)

The Reformed Villain

Competitors: The Winter Soldier, Captain Cold (New 52), The Suicide Squad

Winner: The Winter Soldier

The Suicide Squad aren't technically reformed, so Winter Soldier is the obvious choice

The All Grown Up Guy

Competitors: Nightwing, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Winner: Peter Parker

I love this choice

The Alien

Again, not necessarily an alien, just from a different world

Competitors: Martian Manhunter, Thor, Mar-Vell

Winner: Martian Manhunter

I was expecting Mar-Vell to at least get one vote

The New Kid

Competitors: Miles Morales, Damian Wayne

Winner: Miles Morales


I made this one
I made this one

Sorry for my bad editing skills^

Bonus Winners

Deadpool won the Assaisan title and Thanos won the Copycat Alien Villain title


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