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The success story of Dying Light, will be one that is told for quite some time. A game that no one thought would do particularly well, not only surprised players and reviewers, but Techland themselves. It's release date was so perfectly planned: the Christmas period had drawn to a close and we'd all finished up with our new releases. With nothing else on the horizon, a little zombie game came along and promised us parkour and head smashing. We couldn't resist.

Now we've heard that Dying Light, released on the PS4 , XBOX One and PC, is Techland's most successful game to date. It's gone on to sell 3.2 million copies world wide in an amazing 45 day period, smashing every Dead Island record they've ever had. Things don't seem very hopeful for Dead Island 2's release date right now.

Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2

Dying Light May Have Killed Dead Island 2

It's at a time like this I wonder how Deep Silver are looking back on their decision to purchase the Dead Island name. Techland may have lost their most successful franchise, but with Dying Light, they've found their answer. They went on to improve upon every aspect of Dead Island, namely by including some really great combat mechanics we haven't seen in a game for quite some time.

When we look at Yager's work with Dead Island 2, we can't help but feel that the title is really lacking in innovation. The formula presented in previous gameplay trailers and demonstrations looks far too similar to what's come before. Though the game has been very quiet for a while, so I wonder whether we could see any surprises in store.

Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2

But as I look at what we've been shown, I see nothing worth getting excited over. Dead Island 2 looks like a prettier version of Dead Island, with additional gameplay features that feel tired and uninspired. I can't see anything in Dead Island 2 we haven't see in its predecessor or Left 4 Dead. With nothing really drawing players, why wouldn't those looking for a new zombie game simply turn their attention to Dying Light? It'll be a lot cheaper on Dead Island 2's release date anyway!

Am I being too harsh on Dead Island 2? Can you see Yager's new game achieving the success of Techland's on its release date for the PC, Xbox One and PS4? Do you like what you've seen so far? Then be sure to let us know in the comments!


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