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If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
Tom Perkins

Do you remember that disappointing X-Men Origins Wolverine that came out in 2009? Do you also remember that it featured Deadpool and Gambit? Well believe it or not, there is a solo film for both these characters coming in 2016! But those details are for another day, today I want to speak about the fact that the day has come when the official filming of Deadpool commences.

We first saw our live action view of Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds back in 2009, along with Wolverine and a Government program called Team X. Deadpool in this film for the most part was represented perfectly and audiences reacted well to this version on the big screen, until later on where Deadpool or the merk with a mouth had his mouth sealed shut and basically wasn't even the character anymore, strange right?

But back in July, a leaked animated test footage of Deadpool who was also voiced by Ryan Reynolds was leaked to the internet. This test footage was so great and fans responded so well that it was later released officially by 20th Century Fox as a small teaser for, well you guessed it, a Deadpool movie! Yes that's right, a short while after unsurprisingly an official statement came out saying that in early 2016, a Deadpool solo movie would be released.

For so many years fans have awaited eagerly for a good representation of Wade Wilson/Deadpool and finally, the filming has begun! Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin took to their Twitter's to tweet out images of their set chairs with a makeshift, paint-splattered logo marking the start of production.

Deadpool is a great character, he has inspired so many different comics, graphics novels and even has his own video game! Check out these awesome scenes of Deadpool from both the animations and X-Men Origins!

Deadpool is set to hit theatres in less than a year on the exact date of the 12th of February, 2016.


Are you looking forward to this Deadpool solo film?


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