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Kevin Smith has created a rich world of characters in the past but his new projects are insane. Insane, in the best way possible. Finally freed from the shackles that haunted his past, he has come out of the gate with a new take on horror. He dabbled in the past with the horror genre when he made Red State, but Tusk made Red State look like child's play. This is true horror, and after showing a few friends the movie, it brought a few of them terrifying nightmares. The idea of transforming from a man into an animal is a great metaphor for Kevin Smith. He is no longer the guy from Clerks, he has transformed into a monster, a monster who likes smoking cannabis and making delightfully twisted movies based on his conversations with friends on his Smodcast shows.


Now, Tusk may not have done well in the theaters, but we live in an On Demand world these days and it will continue to infect the minds of those who dare rent it. Tusk is much more frightening in your own house then it will ever be in a theater. I sense a cult following beginning to emerge around Tusk, similar to what happened with Mallrats. Besides his horror movies, he is still making the classics too. Clerks 3 is on the horizon and he just announced a sequel to Mallrats, which is one of my personal favorites. He is currently working on a quasi-sequel to Tusk, titled Yoga Hosers which stars his own daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp who is Johnny Depp's daughter. Johnny Depp returns also to this movie as the man hunter Guy Lapointe, who has a very prominent phallic like prosthetic nose (which Kevin Smith mentioned was Johnny's decision). This movie follows the young female convenience store clerks who work at a convenience store called Eh-2-Zed which they had previously worked at in Tusk.

The new movie will be just as crazy as Tusk. I believe Kevin Smith wishes to push the boundaries in film and let the big guys know that he doesn't give a shit what they say about him or his movies. It's creators like Kevin who inspire those on the edge to create despite what others say about their creations. Yoga Hoosers, Mallrats 2, Clerks 3, Moose Jaws and Helena Handbag are all future releases that will surely kick ass.


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