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I love contests to show my geeky side. The headline pic was taken back in October at the Pac-Con in Spokane, WA where I also met people like Jim Cummings, Denise Crosby and a few comic book artist. As an athlete and nerd lol, I get ideas in my athletic endeavors from movies, music and the occasional Comic Book. What you're about to see is a sample of my movie collection that holds dear to my heart and have collected for nearly 2 decades since the DVD first came around. So get ready guys and let's get this party rolling.

Disney was always my first love when it come to movies so its only fitting I start out with a few favorites shown here if you can read them. The rest is a few movies and TV Shows (mostly TV Shows) of favorites like Two & A Half Men, Castle, Mentalist, Psych and even the Indiana Jones Chronicles from the early 90's. On the bottom shelf in the back is the Disney Vault Tin Collection that includes Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Original Mousekateer Annete and Silly Symphony. It's actually a bit difficult to find the most prized one in this shot but if I went with anything the top three for me would be Indiana Jones, Married With Children & Castle hands down.

These are movies a little bit more in Alphabetical Order. Got quite a variety of genre in this collection in itself ranging from Rom-Coms to Action, Suspense and a few Thrillers. Bad Boys 1& 2 are clearly the favorites in this collection because I was always a Will Smith fan since about 1996. However, granted that I have them, there quite a few here I still never watched and plan onto in the near future. Close second favorites would the Back To The Future films. Loved those since I was a kid. It's a passion of mine to collect movies because you never know what's out there and is really good or really terrible. There are quite a few movies in the collection all together that are quite atrocious and should be put down like that Printer from Office Space, they are that bad plus 3.

I think the clearest set you might find in this one is the Harry Potter Collection but yeah these pics didn't turn as well as I hoped but hey that's a crap load of DVD/Blu-Rays nonetheless. Now i'm not the biggest fan but they are fun to watch from time to time; i'm more of a Star Wars geek than anything and that's just a glimpse of what acquired over the years. Let's just say from the entire collection all together would be worth enough to buy a freaking car. Since I was 13 years old, DVDs have popped up practically every year ranging from 10-20 to about 50 a year or more depending on what's out and it hasn't stopped since. Movies are an important aspect of my life and when I have kids someday, they will have enough to go on that will last a lifetime. Screw regular TV, commercials are basically useless when you can barely get into a show and all of a sudden an ad for Viagra pops up (no pun intended). And also as much as I love going to a theater especially if it's a Marvel Movie why pay 12 bucks to see it once when you can buy it for 20 bucks or less to watch it for a lifetime. When you have a collection like this, regular TV is obsolete and when you need a break, pause it or watch it the next day. That's my philosophy on watching cool movies and shows. Let's see if these are worth entering in the contest.....

I guess when it comes down to it, my most prized possession from these pics are the Indiana Jones Chronicles because it was amazing to have a fictional character visit and meet many people that lived in real life at that time and it was one of the greatest adventure series ever made period. Indy lived in a way very few characters ever achieved and when it transitioned into the movies, you had more of a heart for him than you ever expected to have. He's my idol and this collection is a treasure i'll never let go. That's how much it means to me.


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