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Hillbilly Horror

Volume 2 of the hit series Hillbilly Horror Show keeps the rolling full speed ahead as it releases on DVD March 24th!

Loaded with 4 great horror shorts, hilarious sketches, and lots of bonus materials, Volume 2 is a must have for horror fans!

It jumps off with the darkly hilarious short, "Help Wanted", which is guaranteed to make you rethink searching for a new job. Next up, we explore the war between vampires and angels in the slick action-horror flick, "Bloodtraffick" (Winner - Best Actress, Grace Huang - HollyShorts Film Festival).

For the third short, we find a ghostly, modern day western called, "The Deed". Look close, because that cowboy looks awful familiar. Finally, Volume 2 caps off with the chilling horror-fantasy "Rose White". Trust us when we tell you that this fairytale doesn't have a happy ending!

Once again, our favorite hillbillies are along for the ride, providing plenty of laughs in between, and as always, there's plenty of Lulu to feast your eyes on!

Pick up your copy at Family Video, Amazon, and retailers nation wide!


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