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Divergent’s second installment, Insurgent, has just hit theaters and even though I have never seen the first movie or read any of the books I pretty much know what is going to happen. Why? Because Young Adult fans never fail to let me know how things turn out and if they didn’t I have seen more than enough dystopian teenager stories to guess the outcome.

The Young Adult book aisle is filled with wonderful stories about alternate universes, tyrannical regimes and adolescents who stand out from the herd. However, with every book being adapted into a movie and sequels coming out for every season of the year, the fandom can get to be a bit much.

Call it pure love for the characters. Call it enthusiasm for being part of a community. There are some things YA fans need to stop saying. I don’t consider all YA readers to fit into this category but I can assure you have heard a derivative of these statements at one point or another:

1. Katniss is so freaking cool. She kicks ass!

2. You didn’t like the movie because you didn’t read the book. You should read it.

3. OMG JK Rowling released another Harry Potter short story!

4. Twilight is so cheesy. I never really liked it.

5. I can’t wait to see how the Hunger Games ends! Read the book? Oh no, I’ll wait for the movie.

6. I am Team Jacob/Tobias/Peeta/Gale.

7. Why is Tobias not real?! Life is so unfair!

8. The book is SO much better.

9. Fault in our Stars was such an emotional rollercoaster…

So was "A walk to Remember" 13 years ago...

10. What’s Battle Royale?

11. Dauntless Cake.

12. I can’t believe they picked [Insert Actor’s Name] for the movie adaptation.

13. I am SO Gryffindor.

14. Quoting The Fault in Our Stars, especially “Okay…”

15. If I could live in an alternate universe…

16. “The urge to shout ‘For Narnia!’ every time someone asks you why you did something .

17. That is such a Hufflepuff thing to do.

18. I read that trilogy in two days.

Every book or movie niche has its own quirks and while I have heard each and every one of these sentences and they make me go Ron Swanson on people, it’s mostly a lost in translation situation, a language from Young Adult island us foreigners can’t seem to understand. But hey, rock on with your love for books and new worlds to discover. I sincerely applaud that.

Don’t worry YA fandom. Game of Thrones starts in a couple of weeks which will fill up my annoyance and spoiler alert quota.


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