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I recently posted part 1/2 of Marvel's phase 4, and now I'm posting part 2 of Phase 4. I left off with 2024, so let's pick k up with 2025.


May - The Defenders

In this film, the Defenders would include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage aka Power Man.

November - Ant-Man 3

Now, I know a few of you, at least, will be upset at this, but let me explain. One, we wouldn't have had another Ant-Man film since early in Phase 4. Two, I would have this film bring in a few different heroes either in cameos, references to what the others have been doing, or, in an actual role in the film. Please note, any roles heroes may have would be small ones.


April - Spiderman 3

Just because we deserve an entire great Spiderman trilogy made by Marvel/Sony.

July 5 - Nova

I pick an actual day for this film, because he's my favorite superhero and July 5 is my birthday. Also, Nova would then join the Guardians of the Galaxy.

October - Avengers 5

I imagine that the Avengers would face a very powerful villain, and probably a few of the Avengers would die. The good news is that those who die would be replaced by others such as Mockingbird.


May - Inhumans 3

Since we're getting to the end of Phase 4, Inhumans 3 could be the end of the Inhumans or some, if not many, die.

November - Punisher 2

The post credits scene in this film would get ready for Avengers 6.


January - Cloak and Dagger

The last film before Avengers 6, Cloak and Dagger would bring a very awesome element to the MCU.

December - Avengers 6

This film is the last film of Phase 4 and possibly the last film Marvel ever makes, but we hope it's not. The villain for this film would be super powerful. I would think Galactus could serve this purpose, if Marvel gets their Fantastic Four and X-Men rights back. No matter who the villain is, he'd have to be powerful enough to bring all the heroes that are alive together to face him. The villain would also have to kill many heroes.

So, what'd you think of part 2 of Phase 4? Is there a villain you'd like to see for Avengers 6? Do you think the MCU should continue after Phase 4? Please comment below and share your thoughts. Remember, I will be writing on what Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice must do to be one of the highest grossing films of all time in a few days, probably Monday or Tuesday. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


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