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This Article is part of the series I started where I explained how Harrison Wells could be Bart Allen and Eddie could be Eobard Thawne. I wasn't super wrong, and was right about Eobard Thawne's part in it. I would love to have been right about it and have seen it play out, but it would take longer to fully flesh out and it would involve Flash backs and forwards (pun intended)

How Wally could fit in

As we saw in the last episode of The Flash, he will time travel to save his mom. As we know, time travels always has several ramifications. Me, and probably some other fans have one question. Where is Iris's Mom? Part of the reason that she could have left could be adopting Barry. If this is true, and Barry saves Nora, then there is a possibility that the West's could have another child who could be...


Barry, who lives next door, could serve as a big brother to Wally, and he could be in the lab with Barry when the lightning strikes, and he can be Kid-Flash. When Barry dies or disappears in the crisis in Eobard's newspaper, he can be the flash in some Flashforwards (pun intended). There are several holes in this theory, including "what would drive Barry into become a forensic scientist if he is not investigating his mom's murder?" But it would be cool to see this in the Flash show

How the Spin-Offs can work

Since a report came in that it is airing mid-season, it could be a two episode arc, one airing on Tuesday in The Flash's time spot and one on Wednesday in Arrow's time spot, exploring everyone's backstory and what they are doing currently, and how it ties into the Flarrow universe.


  • The Atom: What happened to his life, and more about him starting his superhero career
  • The Canary (Sara): Also having Nyssa in it, it is told fully told in flashbacks and has to do with her time in the League of Assaisans
  • Martin Stein: Could be why they don't have Robbie Amell signed on. About his life post and pre FIRESTORM, about his lab and what drove him to do what he did during the Particle Accelerator thing
  • Captain Cold and Heatwave: Could detail how they met, maybe organizing the Rogues 2, and stuff like that. Could be a 4 episode arc, one for Captain Cold, one for Heatwave, and the next week is both of them

Unconfirmed characters

  • “The Traveler,” who is described as a “Han Solo-esque rogue” who gets by with his charm. This character comes from the future, and has journeyed back in time on a secret mission. TV Line says “his razor-sharp wit hides the pain of a man who has lived through serious conflict. He also harbors many secrets, always leaving both his teammates and the audience unsure of his true allegiances.” He could be another version of Reverse-Flash (I am obsessed with the character), a take on Booster Gold, or something I don't know about
  • “Female Warrior” is the codename they have for a twentysomething Latina who is described as “pretty but unassuming, book smart and socially awkward by day.” At night, it’s a different story – the description says “her fury is ignited and she becomes a fierce warrior — so much so, that sometimes she can become a threat to others.” Honestly I have no guess for this at all
  • Mystery Hero” is described as “an African-American male in his twenties will fill the role of a regular, street smart guy who unexpectedly gains powers, and then, as part of the team, regularly quips about the insanity of the situations. Please be Blue Beetle! Could be New 52 Wally West


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