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We all know that for the next few years Marvel & DC are going to butting heads in major battles for Film Supremacy in Superhero Flicks. Things have been heating up but nothing has been more burned than Jason Momoa himself telling the Marvel Cinematic Universe his feelings of the Disney owned Company. To think someone who is going to be playing Aquaman would stoop so low to write this on a poster for a fan or whatever the case was. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say with twisting words from a Billy Joel song...."Aquaman didn't start the fire, but he did ignite it."

It's harsh enough to have fierce debates on which company is better Marvel or DC. Personally I could care less about who wins or loses because in the end both sides are going to hit the billion dollar mark. Marvel is already ahead of the pack and DC is just ragging behind. With Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn Of Justice coming it's going to burn even more when the dark entity of a superhero film is going to make one of the most premiere impacts in recent memory. Unlike Marvel's light hearted film making and action galore, DC is going to be much more complex than that; we're going to see a much darker version of comic folklore and it'll be more violent than we are expecting to have. Come on it's obvious what Suicide Squad is going to be, not a comedy but one hell of a dark action thriller that will set another standard for the DC Universe.

Quite frankly I have no idea how this thing with Jason Momoa as Aquaman is going to play out but I do know this, it'll be interesting and we're going to see DC like never before. Man Of Steel was just the door, SVB is going to be the key that opens the door and Suicide Squad will be the entrance area to a massive F*cking mansion and all the other rooms will be films that will be built in. The foundation is in place and now they have created the Blueprints, its only a matter of time before it becomes this gigantic stretched out beautiful piece of Artwork. Marvel has already dominated their end but it's going to be the biggest fight we will ever come across. Never in the movies has this monstrosity had this big of an impact. I don't agree what Momoa did and it's not cool to light a flame on an inflammable barrel but I do like his style and that he's got a lot of brass doing it. Whether we like it or not, this is a war and us fans are caught smacked in the middle of it. This is way bigger than Team Edward Vs. Team Jacob and personally that doesn't even hold a candle or even in the same damn sport compared to Marvel Vs. DC. You can say what you will but in the end you'll liking one or other, I happen to be the very few that will and starting to like both because there's variety and switches are flipped in a unique way, plus seriously between the two, Thor and Batman are the true bad asses of their character based comics.

The war is on and we're in for one hell of a ride. Who are you siding with?


Do you believe Jason Momoa ignited the flames on Marvel Vs. DC


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