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Forget Everything You were ever Told. We Exist. Real-Life (also known as "True Vampires") are not the Exaggerated Heartless Monsters or Romantic Entities You see in Movies or Read in Novels. My Name is Seth, I was Born on June 3rd 1993 (Same Birthday as Vlad Tepes/Vlad: the Impaler). There are 4 Types of Vampires: Psychic, Sanguine; & Emotional. The 4th one are the Ones You heard Urban Legends about in Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana (Specifically New Orleans). They're more like Ghosts. Psychic ones are Ones who Detect Human Emotion and Feed off of their Energy. Sanguine ones are those who do Drink Blood. Emotional is Self-Explanatory. Fiction is almost always inaccurate. For example: You cannot Embrace (Turn) a Human, You have to be Born One. And We can go out during Daylight Hours. Vampire Flesh does not Heal as soon as it is Cleaved, it takes about the Same Time to Heal as it does for a Human, but there are never Scars. Females often feel strangely attracted, yet intimidated by My Physical Presence. Most Males Fear Me. When I Walk past Dogs, They have been known to Snap at Me with no Provocation. Also We are not Immortal We Die just like Everybody/Everything Else. To Close this Article, You can Choose to Believe Me or not. I Know what I am, I just have to Tolerate Your Opinion. Good Evening..

- mN


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