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Do We Need More Female Super Heroes?

There has been a lot of discussion about Female characters in Comics over the last few weeks, Marvel have been adding females to its universe in recent times, Thor, Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel to name a few.

On the whole its a good idea, But this is where I think it falls down.

The best comics books have a good story, This is the same for all books, If it's Good, It's good.

When You try to narrow the story to suit a demographic then You are loosing something, You are not achieving the full potential of what you are trying to say.

Look at the most successful movies of the last 10 years or so, In the mix You will have Twilight and Divergent. All quite successful, But not very good, Unless You are a 15 year old girl. The desired demographic of these stories.

Now take a look at the Harry Potter franchise. A story told by an (At first) amature auther for one person. No demographic just telling a story. And this is by far the most successful story of the last few years.

Now look at Comics, What Female characters do we have? Super Girl and Spider-woman ware among the first big names. But before that we had Nellie the Nurse, Tessie the Typist, and Millie the Model, All good reasons to stop now and restart this whole artical.

Probably the first strong female in comics was Wonder Woman, Amazon princess that was probably introduced to keep Teenage Male readers on board rather than Female readers. But this was a different time. We have moved on a huge distance from then, Remember that most of these stories come from a country ware Black people had to use separate washrooms and sit at the back of the bus. Thankfully we have moved on from that.

The strongest female character I ever read was Alan Moore's “Halo Jones” in “2000AD” .

Halo Jones By Alan Moore.
Halo Jones By Alan Moore.

Halo was No super hero, Didn't save the universe or fight the big bad guy, She was just an ordinary girl who, As the tag line said “ Went out, And did Everything” .

Cassandra Anderson from Judge Dredd, Kicks ass without any apology for gender, Hit girl from Kick Ass is possibly the most fearsome female ever to grace the pages of any comic. Buffy Summers has been keeping Sunnydale safe from Vampires for years.

In modern comics we also get extremely strong Women doing the job better than Most Guys, The Walking Dead's Adrianna is a prime example. And If You get the Chance to pick up Terry Moore's Rachel Rising you will find a great story of women doing better than men in a severely messed up town.

I Know that the argument is that there's far too many weak women in comics, And in the whole Manga universe. But I don't think the solution is to make new female superheros. Just make good stories and let the characters, Be they male or female, Find their own place in the world.

Positive discrimination is unfair, and doesn't work. Just tell the story, Make great art. And the next generation of Kids will read comics without caring about the gender of the Hero, They will just care that the world has Heroes.

I want to live in the world of Heroes.


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