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This just in!

The future has arrived! And if you've got an iPhone 5 or higher, or select Android devices, and at least $19.99, it can be yours!

Before getting into the future, let's talk about the past. Specifically, a Disney Channel show from my childhood by the name of Phil of the Future. That show had everything I wanted. A time traveling RV, electronics that ran on milk, a caveman, and virtual reality glasses used to watch movies.

So, when everyone else was disappointed this year in us still not having hover boards and flying cars, I'm sitting here thinking, Where's my Food 5000 Yummilizer?

No more do I have to yearn for all of those gadgets!

Google Cardboard! This nifty little bit of cardboard brings virtual reality into your very own hands.

Yes, you read that right: Into. Your. Hands.

It's great. It takes a little while to set up, but it's not difficult, and doesn't require scissors, tape or glue. Everything you need comes in this little box and weighs less than a pound:

The package I received was catered towards Insurgent, but Google Cardboard has a variety of options for you to play with. But, let's talk about Insurgent because it was absotively posilutely fantastic.

So, you set up your little box like so (the directions are easy to follow and printed right on the box):

And then you put your phone in the front where the rubber band is. You power up the app and it is - no joke - entering another world.

To get it to work, you just gotta look at something for a few moments and it'll power up. You enter this world and get to look around and experience something not yet done before.

For Insurgent, you find yourself in front of Jeanine from Erudite. She has this test that she wants to put you through. You can't say no. She hooks these cables up to you and you enter the world of her simulation (yeah, it's a simulation within a simulation, whoa).

As you turn your head to look around the image on the screen changes. You can look down at your "legs" or at the challenges in front of you. You are introduced to two more characters and reintroduced to Miles Teller's character, Peter.

By the time you get to the end of the simulation, you're completely blown away. Even an hour after doing it, I'm breathless, awestruck and completely ecstatic.

This is one of the coolest things I've done in my life. And I fly planes.

'The Shattering Reality' was awesome. You felt like you were actually in the world of Insurgent as opposed to just watching it. The clip that it comes with makes me even more excited to see the movie now.

Speaking of the movie, it came out today in theaters, Friday, March 20th!

You should all go see it and get your own Google Cardboard. It was an experience like no other. You will enjoy yourself, I guarantee it. Scout's honor (just kidding, I'm not a Girl Scout or Adventure Scout).


Are you ready to hold the future in your hands?


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