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With the Flash and Arrow having returned last week, I thought I'd give my thoughts on the series' future. My theories are based on speculation, interviews and assumptions. Although it might not be true, this is a spoiler warning if this does come true.

Arrow Season 4

Even with everything that is going on with Arrow at the moment, I do believe things are going to settle down and go back to normal by the finale. After a whole season of completely ignoring this plot point, John Diggle finally decides to track down H.I.V.E. (the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Eliminations), the organisation that killed his brother, Andy.

The head of this organisation will be Damien Darhk, someone who was mentioned as a villain by one of the producers. He will be a tech genius, a mastermind and a hacker. This will make him a more formidable foe for Felicity so she can get a bigger role on the team this season.

To all of you Olicity fans, Oliver and Felicity's relationship should be moving forward this season due to Ray moving to the new spin-off series. I'm hoping to see a lot more Oliver Queen, ever since Ray took over Queen Consolidated, Oliver's identity hasn't meant anything in the series. He will also be able to balance being Oliver and Arrow a lot better.

I imagine Malcolm Merlyn's fate in Season 3 isn't a good one. Either someone will kill him or he'll end up on Lian Yu. He will most likely have little to no role in Season 4.

The Flash Season 2

I believe Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne is going to be out of the picture for a little bit. He's not dead, he might be back in his own time, trapped somewhere or maybe he's even a prisoner in the pipeline. The point is, he isn't there.

My biggest theory for who will be the villain of Season 2 is Gorilla Grodd. While at the moment he is still lurking in the shadows, I get the feeling he will be my favourite villain on the show. He is very smart, has telekinetic abilities and the skills to take on The Flash. He will probably be trying to take over Central City with an army of apes, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes style.

With Martin Stein heading to the spin-off series most likely along with Jason Rusch, Ronnie can reunite with Caitlyn. Along with Barry and Iris, who will probably dating by the end of the season, this will be the other major relationship.

Will Caitlyn and Cisco gain superpowers? As hilarious as it would be to see Cisco with powers, I think it's still too early for it. We might get some hints towards Caityln's ice abilities and Cisco's sonic wave abilities but that's probably all we're getting.

It seems likely that we will be introduced to Wally West, the third Flash in the comics with Barry being second and Jay Garrick the first. Wally probably won't be Iris' nephew considering his future wife Linda Park's age. He will most likely be her cousin. Although it's likely, I wouldn't count on him getting his speed powers just yet. There are rumours that he will be played by Tequan Richmond.

Along with Wally West, we might get introduced to his arch-nemesis Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom. Who Hunter Zolomon will be, I intend on discussing in a different post. I think the inclusion of Zoom will help us with the absence of Eobard Thawne while not making us tired of the character.

Well those are my theories. Comment what you think about them and feel free to share your own theories on the future of the DC CW TV universe. A lot of initials there, we're going to need a better name.


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