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Nothing better than a movie or television show that completely takes me out of reality.
Matthew Culp

My first ever tweet was a picture of my Turk and J.D dolls that a friend made for me. I had tagged @zachbraff and @donald_faison in said tweet.

I had seen that later Zach Braff had Retweeted my post. I was so excited. Later that same day Donald Faison had taken that picure and posted it on his instagram.

I am a HUGE fan of Scrubs and it made my day knowing that even for a second they liked something of mine.

Over four thousand tweets later I have had Favs and retweets and a few other interactions with celebs I like. Kevin Smith, Ralph Garman, and a few others

This post is not meant to brag about my twitter experience.

****Rather, I would like to hear about your experiences on Twitter/Facebook/instagram, or any other online moments you have had with somebody your a big fan of. ****


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