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Hello fellow Kombatants! If you're a fan of [Mortal Kombat](movie:38705) , with it's amazing stages, awesome characters, and insanely gory fatalities, then the newest addition to the MK franchise, Mortal Kombat X is sure to satisfy you! The new game has garnered much attention for taking what was already a bloody and gory move (fatalities) and amping it up to an eleven! Mortal Kombat has had many fatality alternatives spanning across its games. There's the 'Friendships', the 'Animalities', and my personal favorite because it's so dang hilarious, the 'Babality'!

Well now, in order to prove that they still have some "ality's" up their sleeve, the good people over at NetherRealm Studios have created a new move, exclusively for the game's online mode. Though you actually won't be performing the move yourself. Titled 'Quitality', this move is used to stop those pesky rage quitters from messing up your online track record. If a player quits prematurely during a match, their character's head will explode, giving the other player an instant win and all the glory of a regular win!

I really hate it when I'm playing online and someone quits in the middle of a match because they're losing. But we've all rage quit at times, myself included. Still, it's a cool and funny little "rage quit defense mechanism" in the game. It's nice to know that NetherRealm actually thinks of little stuff like this.

But that's not the only cool piece of MKX information we got. Today, a new DLC character was announced! According to an official listing on the Xbox Store, the horror/sci-fi icon Predator will be heading his way to the MK world!

Though no official art or details on the character have been revealed, the Predator will apparently be making his way to MKX via DLC, along with three other characters. One of which is other horror icon, Jason Vorhees, who was revealed as a playable character a while back.

Jason Vorhees Reveal

Those who buy the Premium Edition will get Jason, Predator and two other "Klassic Mortal Kombat characters" first!

Mortal Kombat X launches April 14 for XBOX One , Xbox 360, PS4 , PS3 and PC! Will you be getting it?


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