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Hello, again. So, I've been wanting to share this for a little while: I have spent a bit of time making a few predictions about the third phase in the ever-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, the universe of which I am most proud to call myself quite a massive fan. Such a massive fan in fact, that as I said earlier, I've made some predictions, and sometimes requests (this post will focus on the latter) for how the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to work during the years to come.

The biggest request on my list is this: the Black Panther movie as well as the [Captain Marvel](movie:949779) movie have to take place before the events of part 1 of Avengers: Infinity War. I know that should be a pretty obvious thing, and I'm not asking for any origin stories here, either. But I feel like, with the route that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking, that this wouldn't be that bad of a move to play. Here is my reasoning for me thinking this way.

The Rescheduling of the Movies

With half the line-up's release dates being rescheduled to a later date, it would make a fair amount of sense to change the synopses that the Marvel Studios team may have already come up with. Especially if [Black Panther](movie:9047) , of all films, is gonna be right smack-dab in the middle of all the Infinity War madness.

It wouldn't make even a little bit of sense for there to be a super chaotic film with all of the Avengers together fighting against a being, and then have a Black Panther movie centred around this Infinity War, almost like we're taking an intermission from the actual movie. It would just make everyone reading the movie news go like...

Same thing with Captain Marvel. Although the Captain Marvel storylines and the Infinity War storyline take place in outer space, it would probably make more sense to make the Captain Marvel movie be a pre-cursor to the Infinity War, since that film is now right in the middle of the Infinity War films.

The Importance of the Films

As I previously stated in my post on why Miles Morales should be the MCU's new Spider-Man, There are only a handful of significant black characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Nick Fury, War Machine, Falcon, etc...), and not one of them has their own stand alone film. However, with the Black Panther movie on its way to the big screen, They'll be putting more of an emphasis on an African-American character from their universe, and their borderline lack of diversity is not going to be much of an issue!

It's good to see that Kevin Feige, and for that matter the entire Marvel Studios crew is pushing for more diversity. And even if it's not, it's still a serendipitous thing to do.

However, this whole "borderline lack of diversity" situation also applies to the female population in the universe: Not only is there no stand-alone movie for a strong female lead...

Just sayin', Marvel Studios...
Just sayin', Marvel Studios...

but there is a smaller number of women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than there are men! Now, am I saying that having a Captain Marvel movie is going to make up for the lower population aspect of the MCU? Most likely not. But it is going to solve one problem: It will give a woman from the MCU a chance a proving their strengths as a hero.

A good way of doing such a thing as proving their worth and their strengths as heroes is taking them out of the

plot line in their respective stand-alone films, and giving each of them their own story where each of the heroes can spend a whole two hours of their respective films telling their own story and showing the audience what they can do. Hopefully, once July 6, 2018 and November 2, 2018 roll around, we'll see those things happen.

What do you guys think of Marvel Studios' Plans so far?


Are YOU looking forward to what Phase Three of the MCU has to offer?


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