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As we've already noticed, 'Agents of SHIELD' is currently in the 'Inhumans' phase of the Marvel Universe. And we've seen a few Inhumans come into play, one of which we didn't typically see coming as an Inhuman (I'm referencing Quake, if you didn't know). Then we see an Inhuman with no eyes but with the Inhuman ability of teleportation.

How does he know he's talking to the right person?
How does he know he's talking to the right person?

But as I've read in the 'Inhumanity' storyline of the pages of Marvel Comics, I've noticed quite a few Inhumans that definitely need to be seen in the show. Below is a list of characters I'd like to see:

Kamala Khan

Inhuman alterations: Shape-shifter; stretchable skin similar to Mr. Fantastic

That's right. The new Ms. Marvel. Even though she doesn't have the powers like the original Ms. Marvel (who currently has taken the mantle of Captain Marvel), she does have some interesting powers.

Donald Gill, the Blizzard

Inhuman alterations: skin pigmentation altered to blue; ice generation without the aid of technology

The age-old Marvel supervillain, re-imagined as an Inhman, should definitely get a spot on 'Agents of SHIELD.' Maybe there's a chance for a better version of the Mandarin to come into play. But that's just a dream to me.......


Wonder what power she has.....
Wonder what power she has.....

The Inhuman daughter of the Inhuman Royal Family member, Gorgon, and, as you can tell, she has the ability of flight. I don't know why, but I love heroes/neutral superhumans that have a natural ability to fly. And I think she would be a good introduction to the Royal Family.

Ren Kimura

Inhuman alterations: metallic razor fingers,dancer with amazing agility

Ren Kimura, future member of the Fearless Defenders, would fit nicely into the storyline. The only thing we shouldn't expect is for Coulson to say out of the blue, "I'm putting together a new team; a team of Defenders." That may have worked at first for Fury when putting together the Avengers, but Coulson doing this, well, it all feel too soon. Plus, we're already going to see the Defenders come to the small screen really soon (specifically, Netflix), hopefully.


Inhuman alterations: unusual muscular enhancement, flight

Flynn is an awakened Inhuman who, according to the Marvel Wiki, currently is based at the Latverian School of Science. Let me say that again: LATVERIA! As in the home of Marvel's most dangerous bad guy, Doctor Doom. Flynn, like his sister, Fiona, was very frightened with his new abilities. At least he didn't try to kill himself like his sister almost did. Thank goodness X-Men member Pixie, former Xavier student, Quentin Quire, and Avengers Academy student, Striker were there to save her. But I guess it was too late for Flynn. Or is it?

Who knows? It might just happen. At least one of these characters might just make it to the show, but that's just how I see it.

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What do you think? Which one of these Inhumans do you think belong on the show?


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