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The recently released image of Aquaman played by Jason Momoa was received with mixed reviews. Some loved it, some wanted more of the classic clean cut look. I for one think that this look is not only awesome, but could be the best live action adaptation of a hero this side of Iron Man.

Take it in. He is your king!!

The beard, the hair, the tattoos, the gauntlets. They all scream "don't mess with me!". I can honestly say I was expecting more of the classic look, considering the popularity of Aquaman's run in the New 52. However, I think this look is far better than the clean-cut, orange scale-mail wearing look would've been. They incorporated the scales into the tattoos and also kept true to the colors with what looks like green pants and yellow gauntlets/armor.

This is the kind of look that was needed for this character. Aquaman needed to be a character that is feared by everyone else in order to bring some legitimacy to the character. We're talking about a guy whose blinded Darkseid, fought a war against Wonder Woman, held is own against Superman, and taken down White Martians with nothing but his much ridiculed telepathy. Yet, most casual fans and general viewers only see him as a guy who can talk to fish and can't do anything outside of water. By looks the of it, Momoa is going to crush this common misconception and make Aquaman a fan favorite.

How incredible would it be if the most openly ridiculed hero became the most badass? That looks to be what DC is trying to accomplish with this look. Sure, it looks kinda like Khal Drogo as Aquaman, but what's wrong with that? With both being great warrior kings, they're similar characters. Momoa killed it as Drogo and I have no doubt he'll do the same as Aquaman. Who would've thought Aquaman could be the best part of the DCCU!


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