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Anybody else wishing their chalkboard in class looked like this? I can't be the only one.

School of Rock is one of the main reasons I truly got into rock music. I specifically remember at the age of 12 snapping a shot of this exact frame from the movie with the intent to listen to every band mentioned. It opened an entire world of psychedelic guitar riffs, killer beats, and groovy baselines. I watched this movie once a week for a good solid year, purchased the soundtrack, and attempted to learn guitar (I also took lessons for a year and wondered why I couldn't immediately shred like Hendrix. I should have known better).

One of the main reasons why we love this film so much is the fact that we can identify with Zack, Tomika, Freddy, and the rest of the kids. Jack Black has the ability to make us feel as if we are a student at Horace Green Elementary.

Below are a handful of facts you probably didn't know about this rockin' film:

1. The lead singer in Dewey Finn's first band 'No Vacancy' is played by the actor Adam Pascal. You may recognize him from the cast of Rent; and I don't only mean the film version from 2005. Adam is also from the original Broadway cast. He was nominated for a Tony, but ultimately lost it to Nathan Lane in 1996. That's right, folks! School of Rock features a true Broadway star vocalist!

2. Mike White, who plays the actual Ned Schneebly, is also the screenwriter of the film. He and Jack Black used to lived next door to each other. Mike wrote this film specifically for Jack Black to star in, as they had met while working on the film Orange County a year prior.

3. The director, Richard Linklater, actually makes a tiny cameo in his own film. In the scene in which Dewey tries to remind Ned of the excitement they felt when they were in their old band 'Maggotdeath,' Dewey holds up a picture of the two with a third band member. The three men are totally rock and roll, even wearing Kiss-inspired make up. That third man in the picture is actually Linklater!

Maggotdeath is actually an ode to Megadeth
Maggotdeath is actually an ode to Megadeth

4. In any scenes involving the talented actress Sarah Silverman, you can't really tell, but apparently Mike White was constantly on the verge of laughter. Sarah Silverman would repeatedly tell the cast and crew that they needed to get to filming right away, as Mike White had diarrhea. Obviously Sarah is nothing like her uptight character Patty from the film.

5. Beside Linklater's sneaky picture, School of Rock features a couple of small cameos from known actors. For example, Nicky Katt makes an appearance as another musician at the Battle of the Bands audition scene. Nicky Katt is an actor who can be seen in The Dark Knight, Sin City, and even Dazed and Confused, which Linklater also directed back in 1993. Frank Whaley is another actor who plays the part of the Battle of the Bands director. Not only is Whaley an accomplished actor from Pulp Fiction and countless hit TV shows, he has also had previous experience acting in a rock-based film. Whaley played the part of Robby Krieger in The Doors movie back in 1991.

6. The posters of the The Sex Pistols, The Who, and New York City rock band Evil Jake can be seen hanging around Dewey's little nook in Ned and Patty's apartment. The set designers modeled his room after lead singer Mike Jacobs' apartment to truly showcase how struggling musicians really live, and Dewey's apartment is partially modeled after Mike's.

7. Originally, there were two budding romances that ended up getting cut out of the film. The first was between the bassist Katie played by Rebecca Brown and the drummer Freddy Jones, played by Kevin Clark. The second was actually between Jack Black's character Dewey Finn and Professor Mullins, played by the talented Joan Cusack. There was even a huge make-out scene after Dewey takes Professor Mullins to a bar. However, both of these minor story lines were ultimately edited out, as Linklater didn't feel it helped the major plot move forward.

8. In the Battle of the Bands scene, you can spot members from such bands as Poison the Well and Candiria. Also, the two musicians who provided much of the extra instrumentation for the film can also be spotted wearing dark shades and leaning against a wall as Dewey runs past them at the start of the contest.

9. In the original version of the script, Mike White wrote that Dewey Finn was the one who accidentally injured the class' actual teacher before becoming their substitute. Jack Black had some issues with it, feeling it was too messy and that the stunt of faking an accident made him too nervous. They finally changed it to their teacher slipping in the shower and breaking some bones.

10. Linklater originally titled the screenplay "The School of Rock," and later shortened it to "School of Rock." But because the opening credits had already been designed and shown in some theaters with the word "The" in the title, he decided against digitally removing the extra word from the credits. Check out the creative and kick ass intro here!

There you have it, my fellow headbangers. To quote AC/DC, for those about to rock, I salute you.


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