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Avengers is one of the best movies ever made! But what if the actors we know and love weren't the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. If the actors now weren't the Avengers than we would have to recast them , and I have chosen great actors who would be great for the job.

Iron Man - Andrew Keegan

Robert Downey Jr is the best actor for Iron man but Robert Downey Jr's contract expires on Iron man 3. If he was replaced I think Andrew Keegan would be great for the job. Some may know him from 10 things I hate about you or Independence day, and Andrew Keegan is good looking and looks like he can rock that iron man suit.

Captain America - Stephen Amell

Chris Evans is a great Captain America but what if he was replaced. If Chris Evans got replaced I would pick Stephen Amell. Most people may know him in the hit T.V show Arrow where he plays the main character Oliver Queen or Green Arrow. Stephen is a badass playing Arrow and people would probably have him as Hawkeye, but the way he looks he can be Captain America. If Stephen Amell plays a badass Arrow I'm pretty sure he can play a badass Captain America.

Thor - Brad Pitt

Chris Hemsworth plays the best Thor in my opinion, but if he got replaced I think Brad Pitt would do a great job like Chris Hemsworth. Who doesn't know Brad Pitt he did one of the best movies World War Z in 2013 and a good job on Troy in 2004 and one of his recent movies was Fury in 2014 and was great movie. Brad Pitt is great actor and he would be a great to be the God of Thunder Thor.

Bruce Banner/ Hulk - Nicholas Hoult

Mark Ruffalo is a good Hulk, but he isn't that nerdy looking like Doctor Banner would be. I have chose Nicholas Hoult as Doctor Bruce Banner. He is already a beast and people would know him in Jack the Giant Slayer, X-Men first class, or X-Men Days of Future Past. All were great movies, but what if he was a green beast instead of a blue one? Instead of playing Hank McCoy he would be Doctor Bruce Banner. He maybe good looking, but he can look nerdy when he has to. Nicholas Hoult is a great actor and would be great for a nerdy Doctor turning into a smashing beast.

Black Widow - Emily Blunt

Scarlett Johansson is an awesome Black Widow she seems almost perfect, but if she got replaced I think her replacement would be Emily Blunt. For those who don't know her she played outstanding roles in movies such as Looper and Edge of Tomorrow. Emily Blunt is almost like our Black Widow now she's really pretty and they can both put up a fight. Scarlett Johansson is a great Black Widow, but if she got replaced Emily Blunt can take her spot and can also be a great Black Widow.

Hawkeye- Chris Pine

Jeremy Renner is a awesome Hawkeye, but if he was to get replaced, who would replace him? I think Chris Pine would be a great Hawkeye just like Jeremy Renner. Chris Pine is the guy you see in action or comedy movies. He was a great actor in Horrible Bosses 2, Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit, Star Trek Into Darkness, and This Means War. Chris Pine is a great actor and who can play Hawkeye, and he even looks like he can play the part of Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner is a great Hawkeye, but if he got replaced Chris Pine would be great for the role.

Nick Fury - Denzel Washington

Nick Fury may not be an Avenger, but if it wasn't for him there wouldn't be an Avengers. Samuel L. Jackson plays an awesome Nick Fury he is a great actor, and almost everyone knows him, but if he was replaced I think Denzel Washington would be there to take his place. Denzel Washington is in a lot of action movies like The Equalizer, 2 Guns, and another great movie Flight, and is an awesome actor. Denzel would fit the spot perfect if Sam Jackson wasn't there.


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