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We've all been sitting at home, scrolling through channels and checking our DVR, when the thought occurs to us that we'd love to see our favorite TV actors in our favorite types of movies. In my case, that favorite genre is that of superheroes. When I sit and wonder why those actors aren't in some of my favorite movies, I can't help but pick them out for my favorite comic book stars. Out of respect for originality and the sake of giving other people a chance, I'm not including actors in shows already about superheroes (I'm sorry, Stephen Amell, I still love Arrow). Here's a list, that I hate myself for keeping short, but I'd rather not make you read all night, because I know I could make it that long.

1. Michael C. Hall - Dexter

Dexter Morgan is by far one of my absolute favorite TV characters of all time. Michael C. Hall did a spectacular job in the role, displaying the ability to be a normal person one minute, and a darkened psychopath the next, earning himself a Golden Globe win and six Emmy nominations, one for each season of Dexter. It only made sense for me to fan-cast him as my favorite Batman villain, Two-Face.

After acid was thrown in District Attorney Harvey Dent's face, it wasn't only his face that was scarred, but his mentality as well. Harvey developed a split personality, developing a good and an evil half, aware of each other but separate entities. The only thing that the two halves can agree on is a warped sense of equality, based on the chance from a silver dollar flip. If it lands on the normal side, you live...lands on the scarred side, and you die.

Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart both took their respective attempts at this character, and both did great, but missed a lot of aspects. On Jones' side, he showed the duality of the character, but he obviously favored the bad side and didn't seem to represent that Harvey is still alive in there. Eckhart nailed the broken psyche and deformed sense of justice, but he didn't have anything close to a split personality. I preferred Jones' performance overall because it was closer to the true character. If Michael C. Hall were to be cast in the role, and was allowed the creative freedom, I know that he could nail both the good guy AND the psychopath.

2. Jim Parsons - The Big Bang Theory

If you live in America, I'm sure you already know who Parsons is famous for - the infamous, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Parsons displays an uncanny ability to be annoying, lovable, and wise all in the same character...obviously not at the same time though. Parsons has earned one Golden Globe but has also won four Emmy awards as well. Although I already did a Batman character, and I am jumping on the bandwagon a little bit, I'd love to see him tackle The Riddler.

I try as hard as possible not to talk a lot about Jim Carrey's performance, not because it was bad, but because I saw too much Jim Carrey and not enough Riddler. The Riddler is not a naturally funny character, he's trying too hard to be clever and smart. That's where Parsons comes in. As Sheldon, he already shows the ability to display a genius intellect and the ability to be as annoying as hell to the people he hates. As long as Parsons can add minimal comedy, and maximum intelligence, he'd absolutely nail this role.

Did I just fan-cast a Batman: Forever remake?...damn...

3. Jensen Ackles - Supernatural

Though he hasn't won any awards for the role, Dean Winchester is one of the most loved characters in TV history, with an absolutely huge fan-base and following. Jensen has shown a tremendous acting ability that is under-appreciated by critics, and completely loved by the fans. He has been good, bad, serious, emotional, funny, and dangerous...I'm pretty sure I just described his personality in every episode of the show. I thought for a few minutes about this one, and knew that I had to steer away from my favorite hero, The Dark Knight, and I landed on...Green Lantern.

All of the attributes that I just listed that Ackles displays as Dean Winchester, match Hal Jordan's personality as well. I will always want Ryan Reynolds to return as Jordan, but obviously that possibility is diminishing and I would love for Ackles to fill that role. He's already a hero to so many people that giving him superpowers seems to be the next logical step.

What do you think of my list? Did you see these actors as something different? Which TV actors would you love to see in superhero movies and why? Share your opinions in the comments, I'd love to read them!


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