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Well if you haven't heard, Jason and Predator have been officially added to the Mortal Kombat roster as guest characters along with another other two classic characters 'Tremor' and 'Tanya'. But focusing on Jason and Predator, I want to suggest what they could do for their finishing moves in the game, or otherwise known as, ''Fatalities''.

First up..

Predator / Fatality #1 / Skinning

The predator isn't known for going easy on whoever his intended victims are. And that was proven in the first predator movie when the crew found three bodies hanging upside down, skinless. And skin shredding is no stranger to the Mortal Kombat universe. Heck, there was even a playable character that was completely skinless a few Mortal Kombats back.

Predator / Fatality #2 / Plasma Caster Kill

Well you can't include a classic movie character like predator and not pay homage to one of his signature weapons. Like Jason with his machete or Freddy with his bladed glove, Predators plasma caster would have to do a fatality of some sort. Maybe it would blow off someones head? Or even better, it would shoot off every limb of his opponent until he or she is nothing left but a bruised torso.

Predator / Fatality #3 / Spine Removal

The final fatality I think the predator should have is of course a nice and gory spine removal. And one could say that's sort of becoming a Mortal Kombat cliche because its been done a lot already, but since this is one of the most memorable Predator kills from the first movie, I think it could and should be done.

Now on to Jason, this should be easy..

Jason Voorhees / Fatality #1 / Face - Smash

Jason voorhees is also known to dispatch his victims in ways you would have never thought of. There is one scene in particular from Jason X that shows him shove some woman's face into Nitrogen, and then he smashes her frozen face onto a solid table, causing it to completely fall off.

Jason Voorhees / Fatality #2 / Hacksaw Kill

In Friday the 13th part 4 Jason definitely wasn't holding back. And the audience can see that after watching the first kill alone. Which is where he basically saws this guys neck almost completely off, until he says forget that, drops the hacksaw, and tries to twist the guys head completely off.

Jason Voorhees / Fatality #3 / Face Squishing

In Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood, Jason executed a kill that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. And it's when he grabs a guys face, places his hands on the top of his head and another on his chin, and just squeezes it inwards. That scene was so gory of course that the movie would have been rated X if it was kept in.

Jason Voorhees / Fatality #3 ? / Back Breaker

And here's a kill from Friday The 13th part 6 that I couldn't ignore. It was equally tied with the kill from above. It's where Jason decides he's had enough of being beat in the head with a huge rock, and just bends the sheriffs back all the way until his head touches the ground.

And that makes it for my proposed fatalities for the Predator and Jason both.

But those were my choices, are these kills..

Mortal Kombat Worthy??


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