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That nerd that no one has ever heard about. Ever, Hail Hydra!
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So i was debating on writing this for the contest but then I was like. I'm twenty one and still love Lego's so why not? After searching for the right recast I finally found the cast that seemed to click, And well after binge watching agents of Shield I built up the courage to write. So here I am showing you how awesome we are and can be by recasting the Avengers.

Tony Stark aka Dave Franco Aka Iron Man

I'm just saying Dave stardom is rising and if he was in the role of Tony Stark he could bring the freshness and appeal that RDJ did with the role. But Dave can bring with him his mixture of sexy silliness. And yes I am very comfortable with my sexuality to say that.

Steve Rodgers Aka Zac Efron Aka Captain America

I have always been a fan of Zac since I skipped a whole day of school to watch the Disney show count down until the first High school Musical, and the movie Neighbors just defined him more. I could see him rallying the team together as Captain america as he did with the guys of Delta Psi Beta. Give Zac a Shield and gun and i'm sure he could give Ultron a run for his money.

Natasha Romanoff Aka Chloe Moretz aka Black Widow

Ok I was thinking maybe she was too young but I think it's just her face Chloe have one of those princess baby faces. But we have all seen her go hard in action flicks I mean she basically is the reason most of us saw Kick ass. And I think her as a Black widow would be so boss level.

Bruce Banner AKA Dillon O'Brien aka HULK

If you have been watching MTV's Teen wolf then you would have quickly found that Dillon's presence on the show really keeps the ratings up. I mean every other character is copy and paste but Dillon really brings his character alive. And last season he took a dark turn and really nailed the bad guy role so I can see him as the funny nerd but also the dark brooding scientist who is trying to keep the beast within and everyone else away.

Thor Aka Alexander Ludwing aka... Thor Odinson

I could end this bit right here and throw in a clip from vikings but that would not make me a good re-caster. So I will tell you why I like him as a the son of the Allfather. Apparently he was in The hunger games but that movie is on my bucket list so I haven't seen it yet. But I have seen him in Vikings and while he have his whining moments he also have his raging slaying moments and I could see him bulking up more and picking up Mjolnir and beating the bad guys into shape.

Clint Barton aka Robbie Amell aka Hawkeye

The Other Avenger other than widow who get's less love because he doesn't shoot lasers from his eyes. I think Robbie would suit this role well I first saw Robbie in his role on his show The tomorrow people and as always he was trying to save the day. I think instead of the brooding hawk eye they have in the movie Robbie can head in a different direction and be the comic relief because even though I love Hawkeye the first Avengers movie I wanted him to not die but get mangled so bad that he wasn't in the movie anymore it was so Deus ex Hawkeye. And a waist of Jeremy. The thing people and the writers forget about Hawk is that his mortality is what makes him stand tall among Gods facing Monsters.

Nick Fury aka Shemeik Moore aka Nick Fury Jr.

Nick fury the leader of Shield is the reason that the Avengers can even stay in the same room. I would like to see this version as Nick Fury Jr. He may seem as young as the rest of the team but with the infinity formula in his blood his age is slowed. And Shemeik is the perfect person to play him, Stan lee have stated that he would love to see Samuel J explode as the character and what he is saying is he want's a snakes on the plane scene and honestly I don't blame him. But Shemeik can explode the guy is full of energy and passion and when we see him pull the team out of their proverbial butt with a big emotional, inspirational speech we wont feel like laughing at the casting choice but we will feel pulled in as if he was speaking to us.


Well that was my recasting for the avengers. What do you think about my casting am I on the right track or so off that I make Electra's casting choice look like a good pick? let me know in the comments.


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