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Welcome to this new article! I'm happy to be back on Moviepilot! So, before I began, I want to ask you something: Who's side you're on? Marvel or DC? Which one of these is winning right now?

Ja! Too obvious? Too hard? Here we go...

I think we all are talking about the fight between these two. One filming Captain America: Civil War next month, while the other one keeps Batman v Superman so so SO secret. The expectation of these, the latest films produced by the biggest comic book companies keeps the fans divided. DC fans will always defend their house, while Marvel ones will do the same, but, since a not-long time ago I have realized about something. They're losing. DC and Marvel are losing. While they are in a eternal fight, I think they forgot about the superheroes, about the stories, about the real scence of the comic books, but I think they're forgetting about us: the fans.

I had in my collection beautiful pieces of art like Flash: Rebirth and X Men: Days of Future Past, and it's so sad know that all these great stories stayed in the past. After the re-launch of every single story of all the DC Universe, everything wasn't the same. Flash (I'm more closer to this hero) didn't like as much as the old ones. How they managed the born of Flash and how they changed almost everything... My God! There's no Reverse Flash! There's no Eobard Twane or Zolomon Hunter! Daniel West as Reverse Flash.. Looks great but, what happened DC?

And this is just one example about the stories they're changing, not for the fans, because, maybe, they were perfect just as they were before.

Marvel... Gosh... Amazing X Men? Well... Superior Iron Man? The banish of the Fantastic Four...? Should I continue? Probably you like these new plots but, guys, c'mon! Every single classical thing that Marvel had is now banishing in front of us.

And how about the movies?

Both are making the movies us as they want. But they're desperate. Movie after movie after movie... The news about Spiderman on Avengers... Great. "Oh, sorry guys, no Andrew Gardfield". "Oh! Batman v Superman with (maybe) all the members of the JLA... oh, sorry guys, you will not get any trailer until the last month of 2015... and... maybe" They're responding the puch of the other one, and where the heck are we? Where are the old fans? Where are the faith we had on them? It's a war, but more than that, we the fans, are the affected ones.

I believe in both. But, in personal, I rather the old DC, ad the old Marvel.

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What do you think? Who's gonna win?


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