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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
Fluffy Duckerman

It's wabbit season this week on Grimm. After a five week break for reasons I don't fully understand, Grimm finally returns with an all new episode. A guy starts killing off Rabbit Wesens for a nurse and Nick deals with Juliette being a Hexenbiest, sort of.

What happened to this show? It used to be funny, Nick would have to solve a wesen-related murder by reading a book in a van and getting advice from the smart talking and hilarious, Monroe. What happened to him? He got whipped. That's what happened. He's a wolf, surely you can do something fun with that!

Renard used to be cool, he was lurking in the shadows, doing shady things and we just had no idea who he really was. Now he's just that guy who appears in the episode for five minutes without serving any real purpose. He's the brother and cousin of the two biggest villains on the show, I suppose one of them is dead but just give him something to do!

Adalind was fine before. She was evil and we knew it. She was never supposed to be one of the good guys. Why is she still alive? Why? Am I supposed to be rooting for her? Is this leading to something as satisfying as Joffrey's death? I don't watch Game Of Thrones but I can make references about it. Just kill her off and end my suffering.

I tolerated Juliette. Her role in the show was very simple, be Nick's girlfriend and nothing else because she's oblivious. Now that she's on the team and has a larger role but still no personality, her dull presence is very noticeable. Just kill her, that would give the interesting characters something to cry about.

Thank you for letting have that rant. The way that this show has lost itself just really annoys me. Oh yeah, the review. On the Juliette front, Nick freaks out about Juliette, realising that it is his fault, he runs off. That's pretty much it. I've been a bit on the fence about Juliette becoming a Hexenbiest. When I first found out, I felt like Cleveland Brown in a bathtub. This can be done right but at the moment, it's a little iffy.

So this guy chops off another guy's foot because he is a rabbit and runs off. He bleeds out and people are sad. Nick arrives on the scene and comes to the obvious conclusion with the help of the ever-so-wise Wu that this guy is stealing Lucky Rabbit's foot. They discover that these magic feet grant fertility so they get sold at Wesen fertility clinics.

Monroe and Rosalee go undercover as a couple at the fertility clinic. I admit that I liked this scene, it reminded me way too much of someone attempting to subtly ask for drugs. Things don't go so well when Monroe beats up the hunter's contact, a nurse. The nurse confesses to Nick the hunter's last couple. That was easy.

Nick and Hank arrive at the couple's house, they're Mauzhertz so interrogating them is the equivalent of giving someone a truth serum. They arrive at a cabin and save the victim's sister and shoot the hunter dead. Another random subplot resolved to never be mentioned again.

Nick visits Henrietta, she makes out with him to demonstrate Juliette's power. Ok? Juliette's ultimate power will apparently be seduction, so very terrifying. Nick realises that the only solution is to accept Juliette for who she is. Things get messed up when Juliette asks Nick to kiss her in Hexenbiest form. He doesn't even look at her! Of all the crap he's dealt with! He's taken on a spider, bees and whatever the hell is a Jinnamuru Xunte, yet he can't look at his own wife who now looks like a wesen he's been dealing with since episode 1. In fact it was one of the first wesen he ever saw!

In a "surprise" twist, Adalind is pregnant with Nick's baby. Who saw that coming? How about everyone? That would have been a great twist but the promos have to ruin it, I bet Juliette moving in with Renard will be another twist. I'm telling you, that's probably the case.

This episode was extremely underwhelming considering how long of a break this was between episodes. There was basically three scenes with Nick and Juliette, two of which did nothing with the third one just being weird. This series has to be overshadowed by another subplot that is actually the mainplot. Done.


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