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Paul Simpson

First off, Flash and Arrow are great!

They are great shows, lots of twists and turns and great acting, no one can deny it. However DC is making a huge mistake by not letting any of their TV shows continue into their movies. Essentially this means that any characters, back stories and their progress will be lost in the movie continuity.

That's right! Just erasing our characters for their movies. Personally I love the Arrow and Flash TV Show and I don't want to see anyone else in their roles and I don't want to pay $10 to sit through a 2 hour movie on their origins. I've already seen it, already fell in love with characters, I don't want someone else to fill their roles.

Take example from someone who is doing it right!

Marvel! They are doing it right and there is no denying it. Although some of their shows had a rocky start they are using television to help cut back on the expenses of making a stand alone movie to introduce a character.

So what am I saying?

Take a page out of the book with Marvel, we all know you want to be able to capitalize on having a movie and getting that extra money, but honestly we all love the characters you have set in place. I don't want 3 years of my life watching Arrow to be wasted and have the entire story line rebooted for the big screen. I want Stephen Amell! I wanna see him up there with Bats and Supes, not to mention SuperGirl is coming into the fray. You're gonna ruin your entire small screen fanbase because you're being greedy.

So in closing.

I absolutely love the TV series you have running, but seriously? Are you guys over at DC gonna sink so low as to not admit that Marvel is doing it right and that if you take a page out of their book, you could become bigger and better than Marvel is. In closing this is your one shot for our generation, don't blow it.

Get you're sh** together DC.


Are you okay with DC setting the TV shows in a different universe than the movies?


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