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BIG NEWS! Our movie director Joss Whedon kicked in with one of the greatest announcements of all time. One of those secrets that any marvel fan could love. Let's think for a sec...what could it be? Maybe it's SPIDERMAN featuring in Age of Ultron! Finally! \(.__.)/ Mr.Whedon shared a secret about how Spidey will be shown in AoU, of course it will be after the credits, but who cares! This will be a big step to introduce our web headed freak into Civil War. This is really exciting, maybe just maybe they will show us a brief plot about our new Spiderman or the'll keep the story of Mr. Garfield . Who knows!? Any how, it's done! We'll get some kickass post crédito scene and there's MORE! There's another rumored heroe but he or she is still a mystery. Who do you thinks it is? How about...Black Panther ?

Well it al ends with this: The costume that we'll get to see in AoU is the original, blue and red/red and blue... but! Spidey's identity won't be shown and that, my fellow people is the one millon dolar question. Who's the actor behind that mask?

I appreciate you guys for reading my first "opinion" or "movie post" hope it's interesting.


Who will be the new spidey?


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