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Last week's Arrow left us with some big things, and took the whole series in a new direction, but it was (and by no means is this a bad thing) a more talky episode to set those things up. As a result, this week, come Suicidal Tendencies, expect a whole lot more action- action and awesomeness which will burn right through until at least Episode 20, as teased in the Paleyfest Promo I broke down earlier in the week. Here's the trailer for Suicidal Tendencies, Episode 17.

So, what's to be unearthed in that? Let's break it down!

Diggle and Lyla are getting married!

After proposing back in the [Arrow](series:720988)/Flash crossover, The Brave and the Bold, Diggle and Lyla are finally getting back together. Set photos have revealed pretty much the whole cast will be at the wedding, so that's something to look forward to; and odds are it'll happen at the very start of the episode. Then all the action comes. (By the way, I really love the sound of Deadshot's rifle cocking and then firing being in sync with the champagne. It's details like that which make these trailers, and indeed the shows, so awesome).

But what's a wedding without a honeymoon with Deadshot...

In a limo with a bottle of wine. Because Deadshot's classy that way. This is the first time we'll see Floyd Lawton this season, probably Arrow's most widespread recurring villain, played awesomely by Michael Rowe.

...And Cupid?

Remember Cupid from Draw Back Your Bow, where this obsessed crazy desperately hunted Oliver Queen, and went to desperate measures to do so? At the end of that episode, it was revealed that Cupid would be an ideal candidate for Task Force X, after the "last crazy"- it would seem Harley Quinn's back with her puddin' Mistah J, but don't be surprised if this unhinged but highly trained crazy takes her place and fills a similar role.

Also returning of course is Amanda Waller, played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson, who has played a big role in flashbacks this season but not in the present day. As the current apparent villain of the flashbacks, seemingly having sent gunmen after Oliver and Maseo's family, I'm sure that role will only increase.

And they'll have some interesting interactions!

While the original Suicide Squad back in season two's appropriately named Suicide Squad didn't really interact that much themselves, with just the pair of them working with Diggle and Lyla I feel like we'll see some more glimpses into the partnership between Deadshot and Cupid.

In the set photos- and indeed from the trailer, where all of these screenshots are from- they seem to be working closely together, and I wouldn't be surprised- actually, I'd very happy- if we saw some sort of romance or friendship between them similar to Harley and Deadshot's run in the modern Suicide Squad comics.

What's their mission?

If you're a reader of Arrow Season 2.5, the tie in comic series to the show, you'll be happy to know that this episode will be linked to them. The Squad part of the episodes will be set in the Republic of Kasnia, where Onslaught, a terrorist group- led by Khem-Adam (likely the Arrow/Flash universe's version of villain Black Adam) in Kahndaq, have kidnapped a US senator.

Whether Khem-Adam will make it onto the show is unknown, but the Squad are there to rescue US senator Joseph Cray- and if you are a Suicide Squad fan you might just recognize that name. Cray in the comics used the Suicide Squad to advance his own goals and politics, and that grounded corruption story translates nicely to TV, so I imagine we'll see that.

It's worth saying that for the duration of the episode Cupid and Deadshot will be fully geared up, which we didn't see in last year's Suicide Squad- on top of that, we'll be seeing a lot of Deadshot's arsenal, from his sniper rifles to his wrist guns to simple pistols. Expect this to be a very Squad-centric episode. But that doesn't mean there isn't exciting stuff going on in Starling!

Ray Palmer knows who the Arrow is!

We knew from back in the Paleyfest Promo that this would happen, but now we know that it'll happen next week. How will Ray react? When Oliver says "you have no idea what this city is up against," is he talking to Ray, or someone else? I'm looking forward to seeing more interaction between the pair.

The trailer also shows Ray talking to Laurel. Does he know she's Black Canary? Will he try and get Oliver Queen persecuted by the DA's office? We'll see.

Arrow VS Arrow happens in this episode!

Or should that be Arrow VS Arrows? There's four people in that fight, which means at least three Arrows (assuming one is Arsenal, which may not be the case). Ever since Stephen Amell teased us with the photos of two people in the Arrow suit fighting we've been confused, but last week's episode revealing Ra's in a hood (he can't wait to show the League his amazing costume for their semi-annual dress-up party) gave us a glimpse into what this could mean.

I'm guessing these people Oliver is fighting are members of the League of Assassins dressed in a bid to tarnish the Arrow's name, part of Ra's' plan to bring him down. You notice the man on the ground in the back, looking substantially dead? That was probably one of the copycats. (Oh, and look in the top left. I jokingly said "is that a Panda in the back?" when Stephen posted the photo, and it actually amazingly IS a panda in the back!)

Which leads us to...ARROW VS THE ATOM!

I really like how his suit looks at night, too. So who wins this fight? I'm certainly on Team Oliver. Don't get me wrong, I really like Ray, but he's got the same problems Barry had- he's reckless, he's full of his new abilities. He doesn't know what Oliver's capable of. I don't think he'll be a pushover, however. We'll get to see the tech suit's weaponry capabilities in this episode; don't expect any shrinking, though I'd say. My guess it that's coming when he crosses over to The Flash. You might see some miniaturised weapons, though- remember his speech at the start of the season? He wants to take big, life saving things and make them smaller, so you can fit them in the palm of your hand; or, perhaps, in his case, inside a crime fighting tech suit.

That's all for that one! There's still a lot we don't know about this episode, and I have a gut feeling it'll end with a cliffhanger leading up to the enormous Episode 18, but that's certainly enough to be excited for! If you want even more reason to be excited, be sure to have a look at my breakdown for The Flash Episode 16 here, Rogue Time, starring Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Golden Glider. Don't miss Suicidal Tendencies this Wednesday, same Arrow time and same Arrow channel!


Which Arrow or Flash villain do you want to see join the Suicide Squad next?


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