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3. Magic

Zatanna from smallville
Zatanna from smallville

Everyone loves magic and we all know Hollywood really loves magic with all that money it makes for them. Merlin from The Sword in The Stone everyone from Harry Potter and Gandolf from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Trilogies are some of the most beloved characters in Cinema and literature. now Marvel is set to introduce Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. If these characters do well for Marvel in the movies we are sure to see a Zatanna or Constantine movie right? what you don't know why Zatanna and Constantine are? well Zatanna Zatara is the most powerful magician in the world of DC comics. gaining popularity over the years with appearances on DC shows like Batman the Animated Series, Smallville and even a big role on Young Justice. John Constantine on the other hand is kinda like a occult detective and shows a much darker side of magic. He stuck to the comics until the 2005 movie Constantine which butchered him like Fox did Daredevil he stuck to the comics once more until the much better 2014 Constantine TV show. DC is already talking about making a Justice League Dark movie which would Feature both Zatanna and Constantine so fingers crossed that happens and with all luck DC will have a movie centered around a magic character or characters by the first half of the 2020s. oh ya did I mention Zatanna and Constantine kinda have a thing? Now that's what I call a power couple.

2. The Bat Family

Everyone loves batman and from him so many characters have spun off of him they have all been pretty successful, some less then other cough *Batwomen* cough but since it would take 20 years of batman films just to establish them all I hope that Tim Drake will make his big screen debut by the next Batman solo film.

1. The Multi-verse

Now The multi-verse is a nice concept allowing DC to do stories that are so great and have such a impact on a character without having to have consequences in the main universe. Now this would basically give DC the power to do anything they could have Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle do a Batman Beyond movie we could see a true adaptation of the dark knight returns or batman year one maybe a flash of two earths type story with Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller we could see a superman red son movie or the Justice league square off with the crime syndicate(evil parallel justice league). the possibility are really endless a smallville superman movie Micheal Keaton in Tim Burton The Dark Knight Returns (I'd pay to see that) and of course the endgame of the multi-verse would have to be the crisis on infinite earths movie(s) which may or may not destroy all parallel earths except for one.


What do you want to see in the DCCU


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