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Agent Peggy Carter has come and gone and at this stage we do not know if the show will be renewed. However although I liked the show and watched all episodes it was not as good as it could have been. It was basically a spy story that at the end of the day achieved little. Compare that with Agents of SHIELD , which in the first season had the collapse of SHIELD and now in its second season , the coming of the Inhumans. Agent Carter is a comic book character in a super hero universe. It needs to be more than just a spy story.

Here are seven things we need to see in a second season Peggy Carter:

1) The establishment of SHIELD . The origin story of the most important organisation in the Marvel Universe needs to be told. Who better to do so then one of its founders Peggy Carter.

2) Major world threat. Some secret Soviet organisation and deadly little girls do not require SHIELD. Conventional security groups like the FBI and the CIA can take them on. The threat has to be major and require extraordinary specialist and advanced technology to combat. Something that would require setting up SHIELD.

3) Super Heroes. Marvel have a whole bunch of superheroes from the 1940’s which should be brought in to the MCU. Characters like Jim Hammond the Human Torch, Miss America and Whizzer. SHIELD could use them to battle the major threat. Of course if you have super heroes you also need.

4) Super villains. Give the series some major baddies. Let the writers raid the archives and see what they can find. How about bringing back the big bad villain of the 1940’s the Red Skull?

5) Romantic Interest for Peggy. She’s finally over Steve Rogers and we know she eventually marries so introduce her man. Maybe it will be Daniel Sousa or maybe some one else but lets meet her future husband and see some sparks fly.

6) Director Carter. By the end of the second season she should formally made SHIELD's first director. Yes, I know the 1940’s were not the best time for equal opportunity , but SHIELD should be set up to accept the best people to matter their race or gender. Peggy Carter is clearly the exceptional agent they need to lead them. Besides, the all men are sexist story line gets a bit tedious after a while.

7 )Skimpy costume for Peggy . Emmm…. probably not… Let make number seven the reader input suggestion. What else would you like to see?


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