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Many superheroes have been hit or miss when it comes to the big screen, but what’s been the secret to Thor’s success?

Perfect Balance of Character

Although Thor fights moral battles of his own , the ‘heaviness’ of characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman and most recently, Superman in the Man of Steel movie, gives Thor the added bonus of light-heartedness that make him such an enjoyable character to watch. Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor was the perfect casting choice; he balances a cocky Point Break-esque swagger with superhero bravado and loyalty brilliantly, he is mixture of the best Avengers.

His Relationship with Loki

With Tom Hiddleston’s Loki making an appearance in Age of Ultron, is another added treat. Their exchanges in Thor, Thor: The Dark World and Avengers Assemble were the classic example of great casting and solid writing; Tom Hiddleston’s theatrical bad guy performance and Hemsworth’s ‘dude with a heart’ heroics showcased the perfect chemistry these two have on screen, which make both characters all the more interesting.

He could beat everyone in The Avengers, if he wanted to!

Since he is the only demi-god in the Avengers line-up (At the moment). And the rest are just human beings, Thor represents the shear power in the Avengers, say what you will, he could beat any of them, maybe not hulk, that would be a close one.

He is a Prince!

And depending on what will happen after Thors final film, he may end up becoming King of Asgard! So he would have an entire Asgardian army by his side should Thanos coming knocking on Earths door.

So that's what I think, only a matter of opinion, but more importantly, what do you think? Whoever is your favourite in MCU, comment below and let me know!


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