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10.You're talking to me? Taxi Driver

If there's one moment that stands out more then any other in Robert De Nero's career, it's this. As Travis Bickel in Taxi Driver, De Nero practices how he might act in a tense conversation.

9. May the Force be with you, Star Wars

Now this is something for sci-fi fans out there. Though not the only quotable phrase in the series. "It's a trap,, is also a change on this list, this line has been more liked by fans.

8. You can't handle the truth! A Few Good Men

Tom Cruise plays a U.S Navi lawyer who's out to defend two U.S marines who were accused of murdering a fellow soldier. This leads to a good line.

7. Bond, James Bond, the James Bond series

Everyone knows this one. While he may be just saying his name, it's how he does it that is charming and smooth.

6. I'll make him an offer he can't refuse, The Godfather

I hopefully don't need to explain what he means by this.

5. I'm Batman, Batman series

The caped crusader is so dark and cool, he needs to show the crimes of Gotham what he is all about.

4. Yippee Ki-Yay, Mother Fucker, Die Hard

This line is used to make John Mcclane a badass. There is no way this lines would not make on this list.

3. Why so serious? The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger is a great joker and well serious.

2. Say hello to my little friend, Scarface

Ambushed in his mansion, the cocaine sniffing Tony Montana decides to show the invaders his favorite piece of hardware.

1. I'll be back, Varies Arnold Schwarzenegger films

While Arnold has said really awesome and stupid things but this is his main quote.


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