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Last night (March 20), the famous musical, comedy and drama TV series Glee made their final bow.

Last night, they had only two episodes left on the show, the first episode called "2009" was about how the first four members (Rachel, Mersedes, Artie and Tina) got to know each other before the glee club was created. And we got to see two familiar faces, that we haven't seen for awhile now.

The second episode was called "Dreams come true" and was about what happened to all the members of the glee club five years after they left McKinley. But it also included scenes from the now-time and what happened to the new New Directions.

The one thing that I liked the most about the "Dreams come true" episode was the final performance. The song that they were singing was I Lived by OneRepublic and everyone who has been in the glee club came up to the stage and participated in the song. Characters like Joe Hart, Matt Rutherford, Sugar Motta, Unique Adams and many other characters that we haven't seen in awhile was there and I absolutely loved it. If you want to see that performance here it is;

Meanwhile the final episodes went on television, the cast of glee posted pictures from the last day when they recorded last scene of Glee and also they best memories.

Here is some of them:

And Jane Lynch (Sue) posted this on her Twitter:

I think this has been an incredible journey for all of the gleeks out there and I hope all are happy about the ending. And if you aren't tell me down below and if you want tell me how Glee effected your life and your greatest Glee moment.

Thank you Glee for being a part of our lives

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