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Learn to laugh it makes like more fun... SATIRE TIME... BEGIN!

Hello there friend care to take a seat this will be short and to the point. There are some who live in a world of ‘double standards’...

OMG SMWW kissed that’s sexist against Wonder Woman, but in the same breath can say Superman doing the same action to another that shall not be named, (Since some who love her so much they can’t even be bother to Google how to spell her name correctly.... No Joke it takes a second to check for the correct spelling. Hell if you're too lazy to type you can just ask your phone Google... How do you spell Lois Lane...ROFL... I'd hate to confuse someone by spelling her name correctly) is not sexist. Superman needs a human lady to be a good hero.... she keeps him “real”. (Note nothing wrong with either even Super/Bats! Love is love.)

Let me just go get my double standard corrector.... Got it.... Now let me just turn on the what if botton... click.... Ok double standard corrector, let’s apply their logic to everyone.... PROCESSING! COMPLETE..... So what would happen?

If these parameters were applied to all Aquaman & Mera would have to break up because they wouldn’t have a connection to humanity if they were allowed to be together.

SAY WHAT! But they love each other?

Doesn’t matter they wouldn’t be good heroes if they were allowed to be together.

Well at least Black Bolt & Medusa, Cyclops & Jean, Storm & Wolverine, Black Adam & Isis, The Samaritan and Winged Victory, Mr Miracle & Big Barda, Green Lantern & Star Sapphire and Gambit & Rogue would be safe.... right?

Nope they'd have to go too... If you have superpowers & date someone else with superpowers you would care less about the people they swear to protect.

But doesn't it mean that you have another thing that binds you closer together, your joint love of protecting people? The symbols of justice don’t just go out of the window because they love another superpowered being and found out their love is deeper than just friendship.

Nope no more caring about humanity because we love each other & we have super power! Screw you guys we’re going home to crack up the fortress while you all burn! Insert evil laugh! HAHAHAHA! Now does that even sound remotely logical double standard correct?

No Miss I believe it doesn’t!

They are superpowered & dating, still protecting humanity side by side, nothing has changed save that they call one another beloved.

Keep Calm Humanity Superman and Wonder Woman are Still on the Job! Saving Us Together!

Oops.... i think i spilled my tea... Love over hates its the Super/Wonder thing to do.


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