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I feel as though most people in this vast world are captured in this notion to live in ways that are complex. Don't get me wrong, not everyone is this way, but it feels as though it is the majority.

It is for this reason that I feel as though it is crucial to live life in ways of simplicity. Now, that can mean a plethora of different ways in which to live, I mean there are over a billion people on this wide, lovely, expanded planet. For me though, simplicity is a way of life in which someone lives while constantly content, and surrounded with support, and love. To live simply, to me, it is to live without loads, and loads of money, as that intrigues the need for materials. One does not need many materials to live, just hold onto what makes you happy. Even something as simple as reading a book, good or bad, while sipping a cup of coffee, or tea, is how I visualize living in the simplest of ways in this hectic living style most of us seem to imagine as important. Oh, and thank you for keeping your eyes on this page throughout that previous run-on sentence... It wasn't meant to be that runny.

Listen to your favorite music, and just relax with the people who make you happiest in this world; Sit in a hot tub, or pool, and listen to the water, and the nature around you; Read a book, and sip from a warm, or cold, mug of your favorite beverage; Listen to the sound your lips make as you bring the liquid to your warm mouth. Point being, is to take your time with life, don't rush this life thing, it's honestly pretty easy. All you have to do is keep yourself fed, and to your favorite level of happiness.

Well, I know this post is quite short folks, but thank you for reading another post of mine. I truly do feel as though it is important to live outside of the norm... It's the type of thing that keeps you being you, and allows you to live life in the best of ways, in my mind.

Thank you much for reading another one of these crazy, odd blogs of mine. I greatly appreciate the fact that you actually take time out of your day to look over a few of the millions of the words that come through my mind throughout a day in the life of mine. As always, critique, advice, opinions, comments, and blog ideas are extremely encouraged, and appreciated.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, and please, live simply.


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