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Okay so I'm a collector. Some might call me a pack rat, but to them I say, "Hey, SHUT UP." I have several mini-collections of random things, but my biggest and most treasured collection are my movies.

I've been a movie fan since I was too young to even speak. My dad got me hooked early, and I credit him to this day for my love of horror films. He always had a massive collection of VHS tapes in my younger years, and re-upped to DVDs later on.

Following his influence, I started building my collection at around the age of 14, when I had my first job and my own income to afford such a hobby. I'm 29, almost 30 now, and have continued my cinephile habits throughout my years.

I tried to display my collection as best I could without making a mess of my home, so here's the main part of it...

Four double-layered racks
Four double-layered racks

I estimated this as being close to 300 DVDs. My wife contributed a handful of hers when we moved in together, but most of them are allllllll mine. Secondary to this is...

TV series and games and blu-rays, oh my!
TV series and games and blu-rays, oh my!

That's all of our TV series DVDs combined, along with my sorta sad blu-ray collection, along with a handful of video games. It's somwhere between an additional 100-150, believe. Still working on slowly replacing the DVDs with blu-rays, but it's an expensive venture.

But, my proudest element of this collection, the "crown jewel" if you will, is...


My full collection of Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th films. In the days of Netflix and Hulu, these are among the select few DVDs that I still watch on a regular basis. I love these movies so much that I got a Freddy vs. Jason tattoo.

Anyway, so that's my collection. I'm pretty proud of it and unbeknownst to my wife, it will continue to grow, and it will eventually need its own room. HA!

-Tony of The Grave Plot Podcast


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