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"Attack On Titan" ("Shingeki no kyojin") is a manga series, created by Japanese author and artist Hajime Isayama. Released for the first time in September 2009 and continues since than, with sales (in Japan) reaching nearly 50 million copies. The popularity of this undisputed pop-cultural phenomenon is reinforced by the wonderful anime series based on the manga. Launched in 2013 the anime has several successful seasons - if you have not watched it, I highly recommend it. Video games are also one of the things inspired by that title. This year we will see a game adaptation, which comes as (wet) dream come true for the fanatical followers of the genre.

This is the first offcial official footage from the movie:

We are hooked from what we have seen, especially given the potential of literary foundation created by Isayama.

Here is a large collection of character posters

Animated adaptation of "Shingeki no kyojin"
Animated adaptation of "Shingeki no kyojin"

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