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Here is a list of actors I think would be perfect for a recast of The Avengers.

Iron Man

This was a hard one to think of as I think RDJ pulls off the role perfectly, however, here is who I think would pull it off as well.

Robert Downey Jr.

I know, it is supposed to be a different person, but I can't think of anyone better to do the job as Iron Man.

Can you imagine a different Iron Man?
Can you imagine a different Iron Man?

Next one:

Hawkeye/Chris Pine


I think that Chris Pine would have the cockiness that Hawkeye needs in the movies as he never misses. He has the attitude in Star Trek as cocky but responsible, so I have chosen him for the role.


Captain America/Stephen Amell

Arrow/Captain America?
Arrow/Captain America?

The way he acts as a responsible Oliver Queen, could he act as a responsible Captain America?

I couldn't think of anyone else as this took some time thinking of recasts.

What do you think?


Who do you think is the best recast?


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