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There's this stigma that comes with being the daughter of a mercenary
-Rose Worth Wilson aka Ravager IV

Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy...
Calling Rose Wilson complex is like calling the ocean wet: You'll barely scratch the surface... And she'll cut you for scratching her.

Comic Book Illuminati:
Mercenary, villain, hero...
Some call you the ultimate "Daddy's Girl", others call you an unrepentant killer...
Who is the Ravager?

Rose Wilson:
The Ravager is complicated. People are all the time defining people by what they do, and not by the reasons for it. Whatever people want to think of me and what I do, they can go ahead and think it. All that really matters is whether or not I can live with what I do. So honestly, the Ravager is undefinable. Because my mind changes on what I think needs to be done given the circumstances. So I can't define the Ravager by one choice, when I might make another choice soon after.

Comic Book Illuminati:
As the daughter of one of the world's premiere supervillains...
Do you run into personality conflicts working with the children and wards of some of the world's premiere superheroes?

Rose Wilson:
Oh, of course. Wonder Witch...
Sorry, I mean Wonder Girl, absolutely hated me. She still hates me, because of some of the more... unsavory things I've done in my time.
There's this stigma that comes with being the daughter of a mercenary, especially when he's the world's greatest. People expect you to be just as bad. And I was always taught, even before my father and I met, to never regret anything you do to save your own life. So to me, that could mean hurting or killing someone. But to the brats... Sorry again, "kids"... of superheroes, that's just completely terrible. So yes, there are definitely a lot of conflicts between us.

Comic Book Illuminati:
On the subject of brats: You've worked with at least three of the five Robins...
Which one did you want to kill the least?

Rose Wilson:
That's a tricky question. If we're meaning anyone who has ever been a Robin, I'd probably least want to kill Nightwing. He did save my life, after all. But if we're only including those that were Robin at the time I was working with them... It'd probably be Batman's son, the current Robin. We butt heads. A lot. But at the same time, he's a great partner, even if he is just a kid.

Ravager IV and Robin V
Ravager IV and Robin V

Comic Book Illuminati:
During the Technis Imperative, you informed The New God Big Barda that you were going to "take her down"...
Is there anyone you wouldn't try to take one on one?

Rose Wilson:
Wonder Woman. Without a doubt. I mean, I've fought almost everyone from Superman to Deathstroke. And trust me, my father has a good right hook.
But Wonder Woman snapped that man's neck like it was nothing. Now that is... not scary, since I don't get scared of course. But she's definitely one of the Leaguers I wouldn't want to mess with.

Has Ravager IV met her match?  Ravager IV and Big Barda
Has Ravager IV met her match? Ravager IV and Big Barda

Comic Book Illuminati:
Last question, using your pre-cog, do you have any post-Convergence predictions we should be looking forward to?

Rose Wilson:
I'm going to become Deathstroke, Batman and Superman are going to run away together, and Aquaman will learn to fly.


Rose Wilson


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