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Steffani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ("Lady Gaga" as she is widely recognized) is a very misinterpreted music artist. She pen'd many a controversial song, and is generally considered "NSFW". But what if she really was just telling us a story in several slightly provocative units, said units being her songs?

NSFW Content!! You've been warned!

"What was she thinking when she put out that song in those clothes?"

Well... a story is what! Those who create music are known as the artist of the song; furthermore, art is a form of self expression, and it's up to the viewer to articulate it's meaning. As such many won't see past the awkwardly daunting appearance and see the gift underneath. Lady Gaga tells us many things that she sees in her life, and how she understands it. In fact she even toned down the music to begin some songs with just a story.


In her songs, Gaga tells us more than what the lyrics say, the music plays, and the videos show. "Marry The Night" tells us at the start of the video that she sees things in such a way.

"When I look back on my life, it's not that I don't like to see things as they happened, but I prefer to remember them in an artistic way."

Reader: "What is the story? Tell us, Jon!"

The story and memories of past trial's toil is that of dark times indeed. She has barren crushing betrayal to depressing blow from the outside. And how is this? Let's begin with "Bad Romance". In this piece, she conveys an abusive amount of white and lens flares that usually in society come to represent cleanliness and safety. She also adds in a contrast of black to represent daring and want. Now let's look at the lyrics! She is obviously singing to somebody, but as to whom we are clueless; however, we do know that she only wants unconditional love. She's telling us that love should not be a prize, rather it should be a bond.

I want your everything as long as it's free. I want your love.

Reader: "What about the catsuit/Simpson-looking people? Anime-eyed Gaga? Black clad Gaga?"

It's good you asked! The catsuit people in the back are actually her thoughts and feelings. I know what you're probably thinking: Reader: "What in the world?!"
Look at how they move to the music. Their arms move up and down symbolizing rising in emotional state of being; especially on the word "Love". Could this be a coincidence, I think not!
Now, about big-eyed Lady Gaga. She shows how she sees the "Here and Now".
The hand twitches at about the 53 second mark. See how they are lying under the rim of the tub? Underlying tension is it's meaning.
Now, the black-catsuit Lady Gaga is also easy. See her hat? It resembles a crown, am I right? Only "Royalty" wore crowns back in the day. A royal female could be a princess or a queen; however, the lyric that plays as we first catch sight of her is "Drama". She's a drama queen.

Heavy stuff that is pretty depressing is below, viewer discretion is advised.

Here's where things become morbid. At about a minute and 53 seconds in, two orderlies/nurses force "Anime Gaga" to drink water. Steffani's got friends who want to help her and actually save her from giving up on life.I know from experience how hard it can be. Whether this is just a story she's telling us or her story, it hit home. She tells us that lost love can be lethal. I can relate and understand that that's more accurate than most would think. We see Gaga getting some kind of brown paper getting torn off of her by back up dancers, in front of a guy made to look like a Bond-villain and his posse. A little bit later, in the background, the lyrics "I'm a free B!t# baby!". She shows us that it's possible to recover from what can be a darkness that not even Hell can match. That can be tough; fortunately, she did it. You go Steffani!

Reader: "But that's just one song."

Oh there's more. So much more. In "Poker Face", Steffani has mannequins all around an lavish estate. Why you might ask? People who said they'd be there, but weren't really there for her. In fact, they might as well just be replaced. Don't believe me? Here's a quote.

"She's got no one/nobody".

Beneath all of the suggestive and provocative wrapping, this song comes in two flavors: Cold; and Depressing. But why all the cover up? so that it only serves those who listen to her music well enough to catch it, the people who've impacted her life by letting her impact their's. Not to mention it keeps out the haters.

Conclusions I've made?

Steffani understands what those of us, who've been to past Hell and back feel when we are in the black. She gets it and wants us to know that there are options. She shares with us in every song ,the message that if you succeed in your inner struggles for long enough, you grow immune to fear of lose and of death. When you beat the demons whispering in your ear, you stare Death in his skeletal face and laugh; Steffani is on our side, rooting for us to win and we do the same by listening. Thank you Lady Gaga.

If you suffer from these kinds of thoughts, remember who you've got rooting for you. As a wise man on Youtube, once said:


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