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Chris Welsh

For my alternate Avengers team, I went for a younger, rag-tag , scruffier more misshapen team.

Here is my alternate cast for The Avengers:

Iron man

Jack O'Connell

A very handsome talented young actor, look at both his TV (Skins, The Runaway) and Film (Starred Up, Unbroken) work. I think he could play the dashing playboy aspect, the quick wit and also bring a level of strength and gravity to the role.

Captain America

Chord Overstreet

His blonde hair, look and physique make him a very good physical fit for Cap but his softness and slight goofiness as Sam on Glee would create a different Steve Rogers, a man out of time, but still the stand up guy.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

Iwan Rheon

I see my Banner as a severely tortured, socially awkward and emotionally inward scientist. He has no confidence in his ability. Wanting only safety and a place to belong. (If you have seen Simon Bellamy from Misfits you will know what I mean).


Daniel Craig

I know he turned down this role but i see him in this team, as a much older God of Thunder. Providing experience and an awareness that comes from ruling while still Swinging his hammer and fighting the Bilge snipe and the Quim's . Craig has the depth and theatricality to pull off a character like Thor. He is not to old for the physical stuff either. I see Thor leading this team in the beginning simply because of his age and experience.

Black Widow

Ronda Rousey.

Not quite as small and deadly as Scarlett, this Back widow is a powerful, toned brawler who can break you with her bare hands. That is before she even uses one of the many weapons in her arsenal. I see her not so much as a master spy but more an Assasin or Soldier of Fortune. I personally think Rousey could bring her martial arts skills to the table and her acting could provide very a raw black widow as oppose to the very controlled and sophisticated portrayal.


Joe Gilgun

An incredible, underrated young actor who can play three sides of the same character and make you believe each one is real. Add this to his comedy timing and alternative, look he would make a very funny but human Hawkeye. His wiry frame would contrast that of Black Widow making them a very laurel and hardy duo (however equally as dangerous)

Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver

Matt Smith/Jessica Findlay Brown.

I see both these actors providing, eloquent interesting and grounded characters.


Gina Torres

There is no one more beautiful striking yet equally as deadly as Gina Torres regardless if she is a people eating goddess, space outlaw, or senior partner of a Law Firm she brings a finesse of both skill and comedy that adds a completely extra dimension. She could easily knock this bunch into a superhero team as well as running S.H.I.E.L.D.


Nick Kroll

An excellent improv actor and someone who would shine in this role as Fury's right hand. His role would entail trying to rally these Avengers; getting drawn into banter with Hawkeye and Iron Man, arguing with Thor and Cap, trying to date Widow.

This alternate avengers team have very different way of doing things being much rougher around the edges. Just like the real team however 'If they cant save the world, you can be damn sure they'll avenge it'.


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