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If you're a horror fan like I am, you don't just watch a scary movie to get scared, you watch it as a whole. Not only does the scariness come into play, but also the effects, the story and if you're like me, the gore. I used to always say "A horror movie, is not a horror movie unless there are guts and tits." Now some movies have made me put my foot in my mouth by how truly terrifying they were without any decapitations or guttings, but seeing a cocky jock's head get chopped off by a machete-wielding psycho makes any horror movie great. So, without further adieu, here are some of my favorite and goriest scenes for all the gore-hounds out there. And there are some spoilers, of course.

1. Christabella and Anna's Death.

Silent Hill is definitely in my top five favorite films. Not only, do i believe that it has a very good plot and moral message behind it, even though the directors changed the original father and son from the game to mother and daughter in the movie, it also has some of the most imaginative/goriest scenes intertwined in it. From the barbed wire going into Christabella's vagina (and girls thought periods were rough), to Anna's skin being removed, it will leave you in awe. Relive the grisly moments by viewing them up top!

2. FD5 Gymnastics Scene

This scene may not be visually as gory, for us seasoned gore junkies, but when I first saw it, it left even me a little queesy. It may just be the fact that I used to do some gymnastics, or the fact that you hear her bones break and see some of the damage, either way it's still pretty gnarly.

3. I Spit On Your Grave 2: Death by Toilet

It may just be my sick twistedness, but I like watching rape-revenge movies, only because of the revenge part. I'm one of those people who likes to watch the assholes get what they deserve. This may not be gory as in bloody, but being drowned in a toilet full of feces is a pretty shitty way to die, pun intended.

4. The Collection

If you have ever seen either the Collector or the Collection you'll know it plays into a lot of fears home invasion, being kidnapped, spiders and bugs in general, but it has some awesome gory scenes, and what scene better than the club death scene to be on this list? Just watch the awesomeness above.

5. Mirrors

Everybody who watched Mirrors remembers this death scene all to well. I don't think anyone expected it, which made it that much more appalling and of course it was stupendously gruesome.


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