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Marvel has a wealth of characters at their disposal. Unlike DC though their characters are hard to get a handle on. You don't really know who owns what until who comes out in a movie then that's when you know. Unless it's Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch then you're just royally boned. I don't relaly know who owns what but this is a list of who I'd like to see if Marvel does own the rights to them. I also have a few fan casts but I'm not good at it so lower your expectations my friends.

1. Hyperion

I haven't read about him in the comic books so don't hate me for how wrong this probably is. In the Avengers Assemble show he comes in and tries to be a hero for a while but people don't accept him because he's super extremist Cyborg Superman crazy. It'd be interesting if they kept that with him except calm it down for a while and don't lunge it all on everyone all at once. I also think it'd be really cool to pair him up with Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner wants to be a hero just like his hero Captain America but that didn't work out for him and all people ever do is end up hating him. Use that to form a bond between the two have him slowly brainwashing Banner and the Hulk into changing into what he is. It would give Hyperion's villain character great inspiration for the whole "why won't you let me save you?" scenario of him just wanting to be the hero but nobody will allow him to do that his way.

Fan Casting: Kallen Lutz

He's a pretty buff dude, nice chiseled jaw of a hero, sly smile that says I'm here to save your world but just a hint of douchebag in his eyes. I don't know the guy he probably isn't a douchebag but something in his eyes just reads tiny bit of douchebag. Nothing wrong with that unless he acts on it.

2. Squadron Sinister or Supreme?

The Anti-avengers. An Avengers movie going head to head against Squadron Sinister would be awesome. Someone they legitimately fear there may be no hope against. Someone who constantly takes them down flawlessly and systematically at every turn. Someone who goes one on one their polar opposites not just an army of robots or aliens or alien robots, each character's foil. I'm not even going to touch a fan casting for all members of the Squadron.

3. Wrecking Crew

These guys have a good mixture of straight up bad guys mixed with smart henchmen. They can either be a main obstacle for characters or just good henchmen to halt characters long enough for the big bad to do big bad things. Their backstories are pretty fluid too. Not in the comics but movie characters they could be. Instead of an enchanted crowbar they could be tested on by people trying to remake the super soldier and they manage to survive but barely becoming these big strong characters with even more than Captain America's strength but not his agility or a brains so while physically menacing they're pretty easy to outsmart. Not going to bother fan casting these guys either, they're wearing masks and suits, get some strong guys with the right looks and hair and you're good to go. Keep them enemies of Thor though.

4. Titania

First get her a better outfit. They have Crusher Creel on Agents of Shield now imagine he gets broken out by his wife Titania. Maybe she managed to escape Hydra but has been looking all over for him and finally managed to track him down to where Shield and the Am Gov is holding him.

Fan Casting: Doira Baird

This isn't original to me. I happened upon a picture of them together and I couldn't help but think that yeah they do look a little alike she might be good in the role. Plus she's pretty hot.

5. Blue Marvel

I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about this character because I don't. I haven't seen him in a single comic that I can remember. There are probably a hundred characters who will get on tv or a movie before he ever does. However, I read up on him and he seems pretty awesome, a real powerhouse. Maybe he comes in and is a competitor against Tony Stark to get the clean power bill. Somehow doing that he discovers a way to give himself powers. He's supposed to be really smart and incredibly strong managing to fight off the Sentry Marvel's resident Golden God.

Fan Cast: Blair Underwood or Michael Jai White

Everybody constantly talks about Michael Jai White and I do really like him as an actor but I agree with critics in saying he isn't right for every role. He wasn't right for Black Panther apparently despite the fact that he has a very regal feel to him, he wasn't right for Luke Cage but maybe he could be right for Blue Marvel. He looks smart and respectable and he pulls off reserved and mysterious well. Marvel is an older guy serving in the Korean War and meeting Regan in person but not too old like Robbie from the Bugle. The best thing to do is get a guy who looks in between young and old and make him look older. Blair Underwood is already on Agents of Shield so he's more than likely not going to happen just like Blue Marvel more than likely won't be coming to the MCU anytime soon but i like him he seems like an interesting guy. He has an air about him that commands respect and makes him look intellectual. I can see him pulling off someone smart enough to be trying to revolutionize energy consumption in America. If I can't get him in real life can I at least get him in a cartoon?

6. Sentry

I'm going to be honest. I'd prefer he wasn't in the MCU. I'd like for him to be in a solo movie kind of gritty about Robert Reynolds trying to fight against the Void. He has this desire to be a hero and for everyone to know his name but he can't trust himself to stop being judge, jury and executioner when he becomes the Sentry. It's not as easy as just stop being a hero because the world he lives in is chaos and he feels responsible every time he doesn't do anything to help. I don't want a Sentry movie to upset the tone of the MCU and I don't want him placated to fit in with the MCU. Between him and Hyperion, Marvel really seems to hate Superman.

Fan Cast: Josh Holloway or Charles Hunnam

He looks good with the long hair. They'd both have to work out to fit the role. He is pretty good at playing a morally corrupt character with a conscience.

Also good at playing morally corrupt with a conscience. Would have less work to do to fit the role but would have to grow more hair. Although he could do his roles of short haired Robert Reynolds then do his Sentry role when his hair grows. Hmmm short haired Robert Reynolds turns into long hair Sentry? Is he a super saiyan?

7. She Hulk

Marvel really missed a big chance with She-Hulk. I had a theory before of how they could have made a She-Hulk on Agents of Shield. Have Jennifer Walters going to try to get Bruce Banner out of Shield containment as his lawyer. She'd find out he wasn't arrested but willingly helping out. This changed recently but have Daisy aka Quake's power screw up and level the room they're all in. Jennifer is hurt and needs blood but Quake can't give her any of her blood because she isn't human. Have Bruce give her his blood and she survives but then she turns into She Hulk although she is completely fine and in charge of her own faculties since she got a watered down version of the Hulk powers. Bam She Hulk. I understand why they won't use her though it's the same reason why no Planet Hulk movie, she'd be all Hulk all the time. I think it'd be easy to change her character up though that she only changes when she needs to. She'd also be a good fit in the Defenders show.

Fan Casting: Eliza Dushku

I really like Eliza Dushku. I've liked her since Bring it On and Buffy. I think I watched a few episodes of Dollhouse. She already voices She Hulk, she'd be perfect for it. What people tend to forget is that you can't have a really buff woman playing She-Hulk for the same reason you can't have an actual paraplegic playing Artie on Glee. They're not always that way. Artie dances and She-Hulk becomes Jennifer Walters an unassuming not muscular woman. Unless they're going original Incredible Hulk style and having a separate actress play a regular sized She-Hulk. Or if they don't want to bother with an origin and just throw her in there and have her all She-Hulk all the time. If you do I'm cool with that they have Lady Sif whose seriously strong but the size of a regular woman no reason they can't have the same with She-Hulk have her a buff regularly muscled woman who can lift cars and almost as strong as her cousin.

8. Taskmaster

I think everyone wants Taskmaster. The fight between him and Captain America would make up at least two movies it would take so long. He'd be a serious contender in a fight against the "First Avenger." Just don't put him in Agents of Shield. They don't deserve that kind of abuse. I don't really care about a fan casting for him. I want him to stay in his suit and mask at all times. Although he does look a little like Jon Hamm without his mask on. Speaking of Jon Hamm is his face not perfect? He has the bone structure and jaw of a Greek hero.

Fan Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

because why not? He already scares me. He wasn't bad in Losers. He could maybe pull it off. Although he is a bit older so that could be a problem.

9. Morbius

Let's take another crack at making a Blade tv series. Let Morbius be his main bad guy. He has the Jekyll and Hyde thing going on he doesn't want to be bad but his vampire instincts just make him bad. Once again going by the cartoon here don't judge my lack of knowledge.

Fan Cast: Barry Watson

My first choice was Sam Witwer. He was great in Being Human and has a history as a living dead from that and his short stint on the Walking Dead. However, I just couldn't picture him rocking the long hair. Then Barry Watson popped into my head, he looks fantastic with long hair, he's a fairly good tv actor. I'd be willing to give him a chance.

10. Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop is the trusty sidekick of Hawkeye. She also goes by the name Hawkeye. She didn't steal it, Hawkeye was dead at the time and she took the name Hawkeye. Then Hawkeye became Ronan and I think Goliath for a while but she kept going by Hawkeye. I say during Civil War Hawkeye goes Ronan for doing something he regrets and she comes up calling herself Hawkeye then they become Hawkeye together.

Fan Cast: Emmy Rossum

This was a hard choice but you want someone smart, who looks semi-athletic and pretty because for some reason heroines have to be pretty. She also has to have a style that is a mix of comical and sarcastic so she can battle wits verbally with Hawkeye, I think Emmy Rossum is a good mixture of all that stuff. It was between her and Jennifer Lawrence. She already knows how to use a bow. Or at least act like she knows how to use a bow.

Bonus: Adam Copeland as Kazar. (if he grows his awesome hair back)

He has the right look, and even if you don't think he has the acting chops you can't deny that he is a big guy with action experience who seems like he could be the King of the Savage Lands. Despite his neck injury he still works in some pretty actiony roles so I don't think Kazar would be too out of the way but his stunt double would have to pull a lot of the weight.

Bonus 2 Just because I love you guy: Isaiah Bradley

I really feel like he should have been in Agent Carter. I don't know the exact date of when he went through the experiment so I don't know if he could have been in Agent Carter at the time it was made but if they give it a second season I think they could fit him in. I'd really like to see him.

Fan cast: Lance Gross or D.B. Woodside

He's young but he has the strong appearance that I would attribute to Isaiah Bradley. He'd be able to buff up quick and he does keep himself in great shape. Him being young he'd be able to really move and fight well like you'd expect from Bradley without too much need for a stunt double.

He feels like the right age to me and he does well at commanding respect. He's a great actor and I think he could buff up for the role. He has the general look and I think he'd be believable.


What character(s) do you want to see eventually?


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